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What are Some Nightly Rituals I Can Do With My Dog To Help Him Relax Before Bed?

At the end of the day, many dogs may have difficulties calming down and relaxing with their families. Excited or anxious dogs may whine, pace, chew up furniture, or bark. To help signal the end of the day, pet owners should consider starting a nightly ritual of playing relaxing pet music.

Studies have shown that certain types of music can help to create an environment that calms dogs down and reduces their anxiety. Classical music featuring the harp has been specifically shown to calm ‘the savage beast.’ This type of music should be continuously played for a period of time, so that the dog can actually hear, listen, and be calmed by the music. An example of harp music specifically catering to a dogs ear is Chill Dog. This compilation of songs will prove to relax the dog and be pleasing to the owner as well.

Many owners may try to provide relaxing pet music through the radio or television. This action will be counterproductive. The constant changes in programming can prove to be a type of sensory overload for pets. In order to provide a relaxing environment, the music needs to be calm and soothing without abrupt changes in volume or type of genre.

Owners should incorporate specific actions into the dogs nightly ritual to signal that it is time to relax. For example, have the dog lay down in a certain spot every night while the music plays. The dog will learn through this type of training behavior that when the owner places him in this spot with the music playing that it is time to relax. The music will help to relieve your pups anxiety, while the placement of the dog will relate to their training. Owners may find that through playing Chill Dog and practicing nightly rituals that their pet will be calmer through the day.

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