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The inspiration for Chill Dog comes from several places. The first thing I do when I am behind a harp is warm up. This includes a series of exercises and scales. When I warm up at work, often my collegues come to sit and listen. Some actually stay a whle because they find it relaxing. Over the years many people have said, “I wish I could take you home with me. You could help me sleep”

The second part of the inspiration are the dogs that I encounter around harps.  Our own dog Sadie loves to sit in my studio while I practice.  She usually finds her favorite spot in front of the window, lays down and lets out a big sigh.  I have seen this scenario played out over and over at students homes with their dogs.  They like to be close to the instrument.  It seems to lull them to sleep.

A major part of the enjoyment for me in making this cd is getting to collaborate with my husband, who added the sound design and all of the engineering for the project.  It was mastered by the best in the business, Bruce, who made the sound stage bigger than life!   We are people that live in the world of sound, and we wanted to create a high quality product.  I hope you enjoy it!


The harp is used as a healing instrument. It is very popular for music therapy. I have had the opportunity to play in hospitals where I can see the EKG machine and witness a patient’s heart rate decrease while I play. I’m going to give this cd to our local animal shelter to play. It would be interesting to be able to see EKG’s of the animals 🙂


It is amazing how many people are really excited about this project. It almost seems commonplace for people to play music on for their pets while they go away to work. This cd is different because it is acoustic music instead of synth generated sounds. Also, the pieces are original, not excerpts of pre-existing classical works. Check out the Dog of the Month story about Maggie and her owner!