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Want To Help Fido Relax? Try Music!

Thousands of pet owners struggle with their pet’s anxiety. Here at Pupsnap Music, we understand that this potentially destructive behavior is heartbreaking to watch and difficult to treat. However, our calming music for pets may be part of the solution! Research has shown that music for pets with anxiety has a solid scientific basis.

Pet anxiety can have its roots in any number of sources, but its manifestations are often the same. Nervous barking, escape attempts when the owner is not home, destructive chewing and even anxious aggression are easy to become overwhelmed by. Anecdotal evidence of classical music’s calming effect on pets has been around for centuries, but it was only recently that research validated what many pet owners have known all along, music for pets with anxiety can help.

Research done at Queens University in Belfast, UK discovered that classical music had a clear relaxation effect on dogs. Observing fifty shelter dogs listening to pieces by composers like Vivaldi and Mozart, researches saw that the dogs barked significantly less and settled in to rest more frequently than dogs listening to pop music, talk radio or nothing.

Several other studies in both the UK and the US noted the same dramatic effect. Even dogs have taste in music! Pupsnap listeners can attest that our beautiful harp music will help settle your pet down whether you’re at home or at work.

Our relaxing, professional harp music was inspired by watching dogs seemingly drawn to the harp while it was played. Grammy-award winning producer Frederick Vogler has captured the essence of the harp’s sound with state-of-the-art equipment to create a full, immersive experience for your pet.

If your pet suffers from anxiety, give Pupsnap Music a try. We hope that our music for pets with anxiety proves to be the solution both you and your pet needed.

Soothing Music For Dogs

Music is a universal source of enjoyment and relaxation that is known to transcend the boundaries of class, culture and language. According to a number of recent studies, the effect of music also transcends the boundary of species. Researchers have found that a dog’s mood can actually respond to music similarly to how a person’s can. It is especially noteworthy that playing soothing music for dogs relaxes them.

Many dogs suffer from stress and anxiety caused by all of the noise that comes from living in modern society. The sounds of television, radios and cars that they’re exposed to on a daily basis can be very jarring for them. These noises are a far cry from the calm sounds of nature that their ears are attuned to. Like people, some of them also just have very tightly wound personalities. Other dogs become very anxious when left home alone. Exposing them to calmer, more relaxing sounds such as the music found on Pupsnap can be greatly beneficial to their health and temperament.

This isn’t a new concept. Traditionally, many cultures have used classical music for this very purpose. Harp music in particular has been used as a cure for all kinds of animal ailments. With this in mind, the album Chill Dog was specially created by professional harpist Marcia Dickstein and produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Frederick Vogler for the purpose of calming your best friend. It features eleven high-quality tracks of soothing music for dogs. Some people even report that it helps to keep themselves relaxed.
In today’s society, it important to take an occasional break from all of the stress, noise and chaos that is out there. This is as true for people as it is for dogs. Here at Pupsnap, our goal is to help you and your dog on your journey to find serenity.

Can Music Actually Soothe Pets?

Music is a world-wide powerful means of communication. Music therapy helps people make physical, emotional and social improvements. Plants respond to music, so it is not surprising that pets respond to music.

The music in music therapy sessions is carefully selected by the therapist. For example, the pace of the beat can be calm or exciting to a listener. The choice of vocal or instrumental music is another factor. One instrument, the harp, has a reputation extending far back in time for producing sounds that are soothing and calming.

Like with people and plants, studies reveal that dogs respond favorably to classical music. In one study, dogs in a shelter were exposed to classical music and responded within a few minutes. The dogs became calm, barked less and laid down. Visitors spent more time with them. Calmer pets are more likely to be adopted.

This is wonderful news for pet owners concerned about leaving pets home alone. Many pets experience separation anxiety and are frightened by loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Cats may hide.

Everyone wants their pets to feel safe and calm. Before leaving home, some people turn on the radio or TV in hopes that soothing music for pets will reassure the pet. This method doesn?t work and may cause more stress instead of reducing it. Radio and TV programming is not consistent. Many musical styles may be broadcast at random. Studies reveal pets do not respond well to the drastic changes in sound.

The answer lies in consistent and soothing music for pets. Throughout the world, classical harp music is in use helping cats, dogs and other animals to reduce anxiety and recover from illness.

Original harp compositions performed by a professional musician and recorded by a Grammy award winning producer are available from www.pupsnap.com. The music is specifically composed for our animal friends. Unlike many musical compositions, soothing music for pets is consistent from beginning to end. There are no drastic changes that cause anxiety. Pets and pet owners can both relax when they are apart.

Does My Dog Enjoy Music As Much As I Do?

Music has long been an integral part of the human experience. What researchers have only recently discovered, however, is how important music can be to dogs and other pets. Not only do dogs seem to enjoy certain types of music, but they also seem to be susceptible to changes in mood and anxiety.

Scientists in Ireland conducted a famous study in which dogs were exposed to both classical music and heavy metal rock music. While listening to classical music, the dogs became calmer and relaxed. The classical music was soothing. While listening to heavy metal, however, the dogs became noticeably anxious and agitated. The heavy metal music was distressing. Clearly, the music changed the dogs’ moods. Calm music made for calm dogs whereas riotous music made for riotous dogs. Based on these findings, we can see that music for pets is not just a fun idea, but it is also a significant development in veterinary science.

Although people may doubt the sophistication of a dog’s music taste, dogs understand the concept of pitch instinctually. When dogs join together to howl, each dog chooses a different pitch. Howling sounds bothersome to humans, but dogs apparently enjoy the sound. Perhaps surprisingly, the closest thing that humans have to howling is choral singing.

People find that Pupsnap is calming for their pets, but it also calms the pets’ owners. The best way to choose music for pets is to listen to the music yourself. If music causes you to be nervous, it will probably do the same thing for your pets. If music causes you to be relaxed, your dogs will probably enjoy the music. Unlike humans, dogs do not seem to tire of their music. Some people play Pupsnap several times over each day, and their dogs always react in a positive way. As simple as it is, music for pets is worth a try.

Help Your Dog Relax Today With Chill Dog Music

Separation anxiety in pets is a very common issue, especially with dogs. Unfortunately, most humans aren’t able to quit their job and stay at home with their pets no matter how much they’d like to. While this is understandable, it can also be problematic as dogs with separation anxiety tend to act out when left alone. Ripping items, breaking furniture, howling loudly, even destroying walls is all possible when these stressed pups are left alone. It used to be that the only solution to this problem was to medicate the dog, but thanks to Chill Dog Music, this no longer has to be the case.

Chill Dog Music is a series of instrumental sound tracks that have been designed to help animals relax. The inspiration for the CD came from came from Marcia Dickstein, a skilled harp player, when she noticed that not only did her dog find the music relaxing, but so did her student’s pets as well.

While there haven’t been many studies on the type of music dogs enjoy listening to, Chill Dog Music consists of songs played on the harp. The harp is known as a healing instrument for humans and is commonly used in hospitals for music therapy. Studies on humans have shown that the instrument helps to ease discomfort while also aiding in healing. Since dogs share many human-like qualities, it’s not hard to see why Chill Dog Music would help ease the fear of separation anxiety in pets.

Using Chill Dog Music is a safe and natural way to help relax animals when humans must leave. Not only does the music relax the animals, but it also allows the owners to rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about expensive medication just so their dog doesn’t get into trouble. Instead, all the owner has to do is place the CD on repeat while they’re out of the home. Once they return, they’ll find a much more relaxed pet waiting for them.

What Pet Relaxation Techniques Can I Do Myself?

If you have ever had to leave your dog alone, you have probably come face to face with those guilt-inducing “don’t leave me, puppy dog-eyes” from your dog as you are going out the door. Let’s face it; leaving your dog alone is just doggone hard, especially if your dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or displays destructive behavior while you are gone.

Some people leave the lights and the television on in an effort to help relieve their dog’s anxiety. However, studies show that this type of relaxation is actually not helpful, and can even be harmful to the dog. Many people even go to the extreme of giving their pet medications, which sedate the pet but may leave it lethargic even after you have returned home or the thunderstorm is over. Furthermore, do you really want to give your pet a drug that even you would not want to take? None of these methods to calm your pet are truly safe pet relaxation techniques. So, what can you do?

Welcome to www.pupsnap.com, a website that offers real pet relaxation techniques. This site offers a CD full of beautifully performed harp music, produced by a Grammy Award-winning producer for the purpose of soothing a pet’s soul. This CD can be used at home or played in the car for helping an animal’s angst during travel time or going to the groomers or the veterinarian. It is an aid for stress reduction, separation anxiety, injury recovery, storms, and destructive and aggressive behavior.

In fact, the BioAcoustic Research & Development project reports that simple arrangements and a slower tempo with a harp had the most soothing effect on animals with 70% of pet anxiety behaviors reduced. Music is known to bring serenity to people as well. Help yourself and your pet by picking up this incredible CD now!

Dog Relaxation Techniques With Chill Dog By Pupsnap

During one of their surveys, the Humane Society concluded that approximately 78.2 million dogs have US owners. Regardless of how many people live in a single household, that still adds up to a lot of dogs left home alone out of necessity. We all have jobs to attend to or errands to run, so we leave our pups home alone, hoping they’ll be just fine in our absence. Often, they are not.

Studies have shown that soothing music is a wonderful and effective dog relaxation technique. Does your pup suffer from separation anxiety or maybe you have a chronic barker as a best friend? Some dogs become destructive when they are left home alone and they get bored, but even without displaying behavioral issues when left alone, our pets still get bored when we’re not home. The fact that soothing music was proven to be such an effective dog relaxation technique was the catalyst for the creation of this very special album called ‘Chill Dog’.

I am a professional harpist and play all of the originally music, designed for dogs, which was used to create this CD by an award-winning producer. Throughout the ages, the Harp has been used as a healing instrument and I have personally witnessed the effects of my music on humans and pets alike. You don’t have to wait to leave the house to use this CD and you don’t have to play it only for your dog. Go ahead, find a comfortable spot to recline or sit in, close your eyes and with your dog on your lap or by your feet and you can both enjoy a ‘moment to exhale’ and shed the worries of the day, even if just for a few moments. Introduce your dog to a calmer, more fulfilled way of pup life with the help of this wonderful CD, designed as a dog relaxation technique.