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Pupsnap Music Will Soothe Your Pet’s Frazzled Nerves

Music can have a major impact on your mood. If the music is upbeat and loud, it can make you feel full of energy. If the music is mellow, it can be soothing and relaxing. When you listen to music played with gentle musical instruments like the harp, the music can help promote a sense of peace and well being. If music can do this for you, just think about what it can do for an anxious dog. Sometimes anxiety can overcome your beloved furry friend, especially when you are not around. While there are medications that can calm your anxious dog, these medications can have horrible side effects. If instead you would like a completely safe and all natural way to soothe an anxious dog, Pupsnap Music at www.pupsnap.com can help.

When you visit www.pupsnap.com, you will be welcomed by a completely all natural way to relieve your furry friend’s anxiety issues. Unlike potentially harmful medications, Pupsnap Music uses music to help soothe your pet’s anxieties, especially when you are not around. Owned and operated by two musicians by the names of Marcia Dickstein and Frederick Voler, Pupsnap Music creates relaxing tunes that will wrap your beloved dog in a sense of peace and well being. Through heavy use of the harp, Pupsnap Music creates soothing sounds that will help your dog feel less anxious and more comfortable. The harp has proven relaxing qualities that will help ease your dog’s worries, and an anxiety free dog can make both you and your pet happy.

Music has the ability to change and alter moods in many different ways. Because of this, music can be the perfect all natural cure to a pet’s anxiety issue. If your beloved furry friend is suffering from anxiety, you will want to do all you can to help him or her feel better. When you visit Pupsnap Music, you will find a completely natural, totally risk free way to help soothe your pet’s nerves. No matter what type of situation has made your furry friend uneasy, playing the music created by Pupsnap Music can instantly soothe your pet’s frazzled nerves.

Classical and Relaxing Music Really Can Relieve Stress in Your Dog

Animals feel stress and anxiety just as people do, and this is often the reason that they act out with negative behaviors. In particular, canine separation anxiety can be extremely stressful for dogs and cause them to become very destructive when their owner or family is away from home, even for a short period of time. A variety of methods have been tried with some success to help owners of dogs who experience separation anxiety to calm their dogs while they are away. One method now gaining popularity is playing calming music, especially that which includes piano and harp.

Just Like Humans, Animals Are Also Influenced By Music

Even in the 1600s, humans realized that “music has charms to soothe a savage beast,” as the often-quoted saying goes. Just as animals feel emotions like stress and anxiety, they also respond to different types of music in their environment. Studies have shown that relaxing and calming music can affect both people and animals in positive ways, calming them and decreasing their levels of stress.

See It for Yourself

One common experience that many pet owners have is that their pets get riled up when they play loud rock music. Cats tend to run off the excess energy, while dogs may become more destructive or agitated. People playing relaxing, soft piano or harp music or a new age style of music, often find their animals becoming more calm and tranquil as a result of the sounds in their environment.

Using Music to Ease Canine Separation Anxiety

One of the best benefits of music therapy for your dog is that it can be used in combination with other therapies and methods of relieving stress. You can play it anytime, and because humans also benefit from listening to this type of music, you can put it on and listen to it along with your dog in addition to playing it while you are away. This can be an excellent way to bond with your animal and also to avoid conditioning him or her to associate the music with your absence.

Does My Dog Have An Anxiety Disorder?

Dogs that engage in destructive behavior or who bark long enough to annoy the neighbors when you are away from home may be suffering from canine separation anxiety. Some dogs get nervous when you leave the alone; they do things that they would never do when you are home such as making a mess inside or scratching at doors and windows. Your dog isn’t punishing you for leaving; he or she is just upset and does not know how to calm down naturally.

Try leaving a pile of dirty laundry for your pet to sleep on; your scent will help him or her relax. Playing music also helps, but leaving a radio on all day usually is not a good idea. The blaring commercials and abrupt changes in music styles may do more harm than good. Dogs, like all animals, prefer classical music. Pupsnap.com’s ChillDog Music is specially designed music to sooth and comfort your best friend while you are away. It is also very relaxing to play while you and your dog enjoy some quiet time together.

Canine separation anxiety is a panic response. It is important not to punish your dog for destroying the blinds because they needed to look at the window to see if you were coming back yet. Dogs simply cannot understand why you left them. Putting your dog in a crate will not help. While it may stop the messes, your dog will still be suffering anxiety. Even getting another dog for company will not help; your dog misses you, not canine companionship. You may end up with two dogs that are anxious, not just one. Giving your dog a way to calm him or herself down, by snuggling in clothes with your scent and listening to Pupsnap’s soothing harp music is the best thing you can do for your dog while you are away from home.

Symptoms Of Anxiety In Dogs

Has your beloved canine friend begun to act destructively by chewing and scratching your favorite chair or whining and barking excessively as you leave the house each day? Do you come home to little presents strategically left in the middle of the room for you to step in? Your dog may be exhibiting the distressful symptoms of dog separation anxiety.

This disorder can manifest in a number of common behaviors. For example, your dog may get excited as he sees his pack members getting ready to leave, and the quiet whining that you hear as you walk out the door may soon evolve into full-on howling and barking that you won’t hear, but your neighbors certainly will.

Your dog’s posture may also indicate separation-anxiety stress. Anxious dogs may pace, twitch and crouch, and they may also pant for a prolonged period of time, licking their lips or drooling abnormally.

Many anxious dogs become destructive when left home by themselves. You may find that your dog has chewed the table legs, scratched at the doors or windows, knocked over priceless family heirlooms and may even have had tried his paws at becoming an escape artist. This behavior is dangerous and can cause self-injury such as damaged nails and broken teeth.

Anxiety-ridden dogs may begin to defecate and urinate inside the home while you are away. If this behavior is due to anxiety, defecating in the home will only happen when you are away.

If your beloved pup suffers from dog separation anxiety and you want an alternative solution to medication, Pupsnap has created music specifically made to calm man’s best friend. Produced by Grammy award winner Frederick Vogler, the album consists of original harp music that will reduce the barking and destructive behavior and help relax your dog while you are away.

Why Does My Puppy Get So Worked Up When I Leave?

Many pet owners find themselves astounded by the negative reaction of their precious pooches when they pick up the keys and head for the door. Separation anxiety is a growing issue that affects millions of dogs across the globe. When a dog suffers from this phenomenon, he or she may exhibit behaviors like excessive barking, urination and defection in the home and destruction of property. Not only is this upsetting for the pet owner, but separation anxiety can have long lasting repercussions for a pet.

Instead of panicking when faced with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, pet owners can work to help their pets overcome this debilitating disorder. Prescription medications and herbal therapies can offer some relief, though many pet owners are reluctant to pay for these expensive treatments. Doggy daycare can also be an option, although this activity is often equally expensive.

In recent years, many dog trainers and professional associations have begun to recommend the use of calming music to combat a dog’s anxiety and fear. According to a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, classical music has been found to have a great effect on the behavior of frightened animals. The study confirms the opinions of several prominent professionals in the dog world.

Harp music is particularly calming and peaceful, which is why so many pet owners have found it to be a useful resource in addressing their dog’s fear. The music creates ambient noise that can help a pet to feel less alone in the home, in turn causing the desire to express fear to subside. Not only does the use of such training tools help to teach dogs how to spend time alone at home, but it can also provide pet owners with peace of mind when leaving their precious pooches behind.

Calm an Anxious Dog with Pupsnap

Dog owners want the best for their furry companions, and an anxious dog can create a very stressful situation for a pet owner. Anxiety in dogs is exhibited in a number of ways: panting, drooling, excessive barking, hiding, pacing, destruction of furniture and other items, and aggression toward people and/or other animals, not to mention using every surface of the house as a place to go to the bathroom. There are many factors that can trigger anxiety and fear in a dog, and dog owners must be sensitive to a stressed dog’s needs. Creating a stress-free environment is just one aspect of dog anxiety treatment, and many studies have shown that introducing soothing music can calm dogs’ anxious behaviors.

Research has shown that certain music, such as classical, has a calming effect on dogs more so than other music. Veterinarians and animal behaviorists alike recommend a variety of anxiety treatments for dogs, and music therapy is a pleasing and easy way to get started. Professional harpist Marcia Dickstein has collaborated with a Grammy-award-winning producer to create Pupsnap, music for dogs. Pupsnap provides a collection of tranquil songs to help anxious pups relax. Dickstein’s serene harp music echoes a creative collaboration between the artist and her producer that provides a wonderful accompaniment to a pet owner’s dog anxiety treatment program.

Played through and repetitively, Dickstein’s professional harp recordings aid in giving an anxious dog a relaxed environment in which to calm down. Dogs can then associate the music with being calm, and this can help soothe a dog in other stressful situations. Since dogs pick up the energy of those around them, their owners can benefit from the relaxing sounds of the harp as well. Pupsnap provides a compilation of songs that can benefit everyone in the family in addition to being a supplement in dog anxiety treatment.

How Chill Dog Can Help With Your Dogs Separation Anxiety

On a daily basis, many of us suffer from a slew of varying issues, such as anxiety, stress, and other issues related to these factors. When we have a problem like this, we seek treatment for it and try to cure or at least alleviate the issue. Unknown to many pet owners, pets also suffer from many of these problems, just like us humans. Your dog could be under just as much stress and anxiety as you suffer. Your dog thrives on company and companionship, and if you are consistently away from home while your dog is left alone, your companion may be suffering. Not to fear, there are many forms of dog anxiety treatment that can help your animal relax and be healthy while you are away. One of these is the innovative new program that utilizes harmonious and tranquil harp music produced by a Grammy award winner for dog anxiety treatment, Pupsnap.

Music has been proven to soothe all sorts of different animals. Not just any music will calm your dog, however, just as not all music may meet your own relaxation preferences. Classical Harp music has been used in many different places around the globe to calm a variety of animals. Without a dog anxiety treatment such as Pupsnap, your dog could suffer from destructive chewing, excessive howling or barking, uncharacteristic urination or defecation, and more anxiety and stress related issues. Utilizing Pupsnap, your beloved dog can be relieved of the symptoms of separation related anxiety, helping keep your relationship with your pet loving and stress free. Problems related to dog anxiety, especially from separation, are many times responsible for the dogs being given up to an animal shelter for adoption. It is a loving bond that we share with our dogs, treat their stress like you would treat your own and help them live a better life.

Music Can Soothe Your Dog

We, as humans, are social creatures. We crave interaction, group camaraderie, and social outings. We adore attending barbecues and dinner parties, meetings and fairs. People love being with people and, that being said, people typically do not enjoy being away from others for very long. It comes as no surprise that man’s best friend, the loyal dog, craves this same interaction—and suffers when deprived of it. One way to ease separation induced stress and anxiety is to play calming music for your dog.

For many people, music is the gateway to the soul. To listen and soak in music can inspire great deeds, bring calm in times of turmoil, and inspire love and affection. Music helps people get through even the toughest times. This is the same for your dog. For instance, dogs at a no kill shelter in the U.K. spent statistically overwhelming stretches of time relaxed when they were played classical music. This is one of the worst places our canine friends can find themselves, yet music soothed them.

A recent study by Deborah Wells showed that fifty dogs became calm and lied down when exposed to classical masterpieces such as Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and Grieg’s Morning. However, music such as Metallica did not have the same positive results, and actually led to agitation and barking. Being home alone may not be like listening to thrash music to us but, to our pups’ hyper sensitive ears, every disparate sound is a dissonant melody of cracks, creaks, and hums.

By playing calming dog music for your distressed pup, you are helping them stay at ease and enjoy their time away from you– as opposed to listening to every wall creak and car that drives by. There is a way to help your pup feel secure when you are away; Chill Dog can help your pet, and you, rest easy when you’re apart.