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What You Should Know Before Adopting

Adding a new pup to the family can be a wonderful thing. The energy of a puppy is unlike any other, the sheer joy and happiness with which they approach the world is unmatched. Yet raising a dog can be difficult without the right knowledge, skills, and tools. When you are out at work a young puppy is separated from its pack. It often will respond the way any young animal would when isolated– with fear and anxiety. While pet music can do so much, it is not a cure-all. However, with just a few tips new dog owners can overcome the challenges new puppies bring, allowing families to enjoy their new additions.

1. Patience
As the owner, it is up to you to be patient and stay calm whether your puppy is chewing on your brand new shoes or tearing through the third screen this week. They can sense tension instinctively through body language, take some deep breaths and relax.

2. Positive Reinforcement
By using carrots instead of sticks, you are teaching your puppy to respect you and your authority through love rather than fear. Give praise and treats when your puppy does well, ignore it and take the treats away when it does wrong. By doing so, you are establishing a lifelong positive relationship with your dog based on love and trust.

3. Socialization
Whether it is a dog park or the neighbor’s house, get your dog out to meet other dogs. While most puppies would be content to live their whole life among their master and family, they have to know what it is to be a dog. And they can only learn what it is to be a dog by being around dogs.

4. Anxiety Prevention
Play pet music for your dog when you are gone. Create a safe haven in its kennel. Lay a shirt with your scent on its bed. These things will keep your puppy calm when you are away.

5. Be Consistent
When you use commands, make sure to use the same ones. Make sure your family and friends know your commands. By doing so you reinforce what is right to the dog rather than confusing it.

With just a few tips and reminders you and your puppy will be on your way to a healthy and supportive relationship.

Research Behind How Classical Music Can Help Relax Dogs

Modern life has many people leaving their dogs home alone for many hours throughout the day. While necessary, this can create separation anxiety in the animal, resulting in troublesome behaviors. Dogs who are distressed by spending too much time alone can act out by barking, howling, and whining, chewing furniture, shoes, or other valuables, scratching the doors, windows, or walls, or even urinating and defecating indoors, despite being housebroken.

The savvy dog-owner can learn from these behaviors, and take steps to curb their dog’s anxiety during the time they are away. While there are many ideas for helping to calm a dog’s nerves, one of the most interesting is to incorporate some relaxing dog music into the home. Believe it or not, the right type of music can actually make a big difference in lowering their stress level.

If your first instinct is that maybe dogs just feel more comfortable with extra noise, studies suggest you may be mistaken. Leaving the television or radio on for a dog has been suggested to actually create additional stress for a pet, due to the random nature of the type, volume, speed, and pitch of the sounds. A well-chosen selection of soothing music for your dog is the right choice.

So what type of relaxing dog music should you look for to help your pet with his separation anxiety or other stress? First and foremost, it should be classical in style. Classical music is now widely used in many animal shelters and hospitals to create a calm, serene atmosphere for all types of animals. Both dogs and cats have been studied, and have demonstrated a preference for classical music. Dogs, in particular, will actually bark less frequently in the presence of this calming influence.

In addition, it makes sense to look for music that has a relaxing feel to it all the way through. If you were to purchase a CD with a typical selection of classical music, the dynamics may be too drastic to qualify as relaxing dog music. A soothing instrument like a solo harp can be ideal. It may even help humans to relax, too!

Harp Music To Calm Your Canine Companion

Is your dog much too rowdy? Does she start barking as soon as you walk in the door, or as soon as you leave? Does it perplex you when your puppy is unable to settle down at night, to rest, or even to sleep. If you find that you have a beloved little dog who cries, whines, barks, and exhibits overall depressive behavior, then your pet may be suffering from anxiety. Dogs can get anxious and depressed just like humans.

When that happens, there is not a lot you can do to reason with your beloved friend. Instead, do something good for her health. Purchase a Pupsnap CD! Harpist Marcia Dickstein has written a unique and beautiful score of music on her harp with anxious dogs in mind. With creative song titles such as ‘Wish,’ ‘Run,’ and ‘Aire,’ Dickstein’s music will put your precious pup in a better state of mind. You can listen to Dickstein’s beautiful music for dogs at http://www.pupsnap.com/ to get a idea of the fresh, calming dog music that will fill your home. Simply put the CD on, and let your dog get into a calming state of mind.

Your dog may be out of control now, but sometimes all a dog needs is a little direction and the right environment to calm down. Chill Dog by Pupsnap dog music will put your canine at ease and will allow her to put down whatever may be stressing out her doggie mind. You can get back to the important work you need to get down around your house or in your home office and feel at ease knowing that your dog is getting in a better state of mind. Try out our calming musical score written especially for dogs today! You will love the joyful, soothing, beautiful notes and be so glad that you have done something to help your loved dog find a better state of mental health.

Looking For A Pet Music CD? Chill Dog By PupSnap Is All You Need!

Do you have a dog that is out of control? Does your new puppy seem to whine and bark at the most inopportune times? Are you looking for a real solution to what many might identify as anxiety in your furry loved one?

If you are looking for one of the best ways to calm down the dog that you love, then try our soothing, relaxing CD designed especially for canines! Pupsnap music for dogs features winning harpist Marcia Dickstein, who has created beautiful songs especially for dogs who are showing signs of anxiety and withdrawal. When you put on this unique CD, you will heart beautiful, serene songs as Marcia expertly and eloquently plays her harp. You will feel like she is in the room with you and your dog. But best of all, you will notice how the music has an effect on your dog. Very quickly your dog will settle down, becoming entranced and soothed by the music. Reach a quieter, healthier space with Pupsnap music!

The CD features a wide range of songs to fit different moods of your pup. For example, Marcia has written songs such as ‘Chill,’ in order to calm a hyper dog, ‘Big Sky,’ for a pet that needs inspiration and rejuvenation, ‘Happy,’ for a dog that is feeling a little down, and ‘Bone,’ a joyful song that will pep up your dog who is feeling under the weather.

Just try out Pupsnap harp music CDs and see the change in your lovable canine. Stop spending tons of money on training for your dog or behavioral lessons. Instead, calm down your beloved pet with a little peaceful music. It will go a long way in helping to sustain the overall mental health of your adorable pup. No matter whether you are cooking in the kitchen or playing games with the family, you can occupy your dogs attention with this delightful music collection!

Calming Music Playlist For Dogs

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend since the dawn of time, but this friendship can quickly turn to destruction if the animal suffers from separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety tend to act out whenever their owner isn’t present. While this bad behavior is merely done out of fear, pet owners often find the behavior so bad that they’re forced to seek help.

Dogs with separation anxiety exhibit several telltale signs that they’re in distress. The most common include howling, barking, whining, destructively chewing, and urinating or defecating inside the home. These symptoms are usually only seen when the animal is left alone, but may also be experienced when the dog’s primary caregiver, or pack leader, leaves the house.

Dogs with separation anxiety differ from disobedient dogs, as they only act out of fear and not poor training. Because of this, many pet owners are forced to seek treatment for their dogs. The most common treatment is medication that is prescribed by a veterinarian. While this method can be effective, not all dogs respond the same way to medication and it can even be dangerous to give to smaller pet. Fortunately, there is now the safer and equally effective alternative of using Chill Dog.

Chill Dog consists of a carefully designed musical playlist that has been shown to calm and sooth dogs of all sizes. The music is made of reassuring harp strums that have been recorded by four time Grammy award winner, Frederick Vogler.

The theory behind Chill Dog is simple. Just as humans are more likely to feel relaxed when listening to soothing music, so are dogs. After all, dogs have remarkable hearing, so it only makes sense that they would enjoy instrumental harmony.

The harp itself is known for it’s soothing melodies, which dogs are also able to pick up on. Even pets with severe separation anxiety show immediate signs of relief once the music starts. For those who are looking for a safe and effective treatment for the disorder, Chill Dog may very well be the perfect solution.

Nervousness In Dogs – How Classical Music Can Help

Your best friend leads, as they say, a dog’s life. The most comfy part of the couch is reserved for his personal use, his toy box is filled with every variety of rawhide chew known to man and his favorite kibble magically appears in his bowl each day precisely at 6 o’clock. You unfailingly see to his every need, so why does he seem so nervous when you must leave him alone for a while?

Some breeds are genetically predisposed to nervousness, and some dogs react to changes in their households, sudden thunderous noises, trauma or illness with heightened anxiety. One of the most common reasons dogs exhibit nervous behavior, however, is due to dog separation anxiety.

Because they are social animals, dogs need to be part of a “pack” to feel secure, and they readily accept their human friends as pack members. When you leave your dog alone to go to work or run an errand, his distress is real; he’s been separated from his pack. Early symptoms of dog separation anxiety include drooling, pacing and whining. Without intervention, symptoms often worsen into behaviors that are destructive to home and property, and that may even threaten the physical well-being of the dog himself.

Although there are medications available that can lessen the effects of anxiety in dogs, many pet owners are reluctant to use them. If you are looking for a natural way to effectively relieve your dog’s nervousness, Pupsnap can help.

You can calm your nervous dog with our classical harp music. Produced by Grammy award winner Frederick Voglerur, our improvisational harp compositions naturally and safely soothe dogs who suffer from intense anxiety when their owners can not be home with them. The cadence and vibrational tone of Chill Dog, composed at Pupsnap Music, relieves your dog’s stress and helps him become deeply relaxed. Proven to reduce the symptoms of dog separation anxiety, classical harp music is indeed a viable way to alleviate nervousness in your faithful friend.

Your Pet’s Idea of Relaxation

Pet owners often assume that their pets live worry-free lives in the absence of stress simply because they may not always be able to recognize the strain that their pets are feeling. There are dozens of situations that commonly cause our pets to experience a considerable amount of stress. These include thunderstorms, being left isolation, fireworks on the Fourth of July, and the absence of their owners. Pets typically manifest their stress by destroying property in their home, ceasing to eat, or using the bathroom in different locations of the home. Pet owners often interpret these behaviors as rebellious or even natural behavior. In reality, the pet is trying to communicate their discomfort.

There are many techniques that pet owners try in order to remedy these kinds of situations. Animal sitters are often hired for a period when the owner will be away. Some owners even go so far as to try medications. Both of these treatments are costly, and prescribing medication to a pet leaves them at risk for dangerous side effects. There is a much safer and simpler way to sooth the frazzled nerves of your loving pet. Like humans, pets experience calming sensations when exposed to classical or soft, melodic music. Pet owners can ease the effects of separation anxiety their pets feel when left home alone by playing pre-recorded music. Music featuring the harp is particularly effective due to the softness of the tone and the fluidity of the sounds produced.

Excess stress can lead to the development of life-long illnesses in pets. In addition, the opposite can be true. The presence of an illness that may limit their abilities or cause pain can result in stress on your pet. In both instances, calming music can aid in relaxing the pet and easing the tension that may be building in their muscles. Older pets are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of stress. The longer a pet lives with you, the more attached they will become. As a result, any absence on the owner’s part can result in greater degrees of operation anxiety.

Using Music to Soothe the Savage Beast in Your Family Dog

Depending on the temperament of your family dog, you’ve probably witnessed your pet exhibit symptoms of anxiety and stress at some point in time.

The severity of these reactions can vary with the age, breed and environment of the dog, but the collaborative efforts of pupsnap.com can help soothe your savage beast naturally with music specifically designed to help your dog relax.

Through the musical efforts of a professional harpist and a Grammy Award winning producer, pupsnap.com delivers a dog anxiety treatment with the Chill Dog music collection. The tracks feature beautifully flowing harp scores combined with electronic audio enhancements proven to help alleviate anxiety in dogs.

Dogs experience anxiety and stress for numerous reasons, but separation from their owners is one of the leading causes. Dogs with anxiety issues exhibit symptoms during exposure to unfamiliar surroundings of all kinds, but especially when their pack becomes separated.

If you’ve witnessed reactions such as howling, barking or destructive behavior when you leave your dog home alone, it’s due to their instinctual response to being away from what they consider to be their pack. While it’s nice for pet owners to know that their dog loves and misses them, it’s no picnic for the dog when they feel like they’ve been left behind by their pack.

The Chill Dog collection from pupsnap.com was designed based on proven scientific research regarding dog reactions to sounds. The musical pieces in Chill Dog provide soothing and relaxing sounds for your pet while you’re away from home. The scores can be used as an immediate dog anxiety treatment, but they can also help train your dog to overcome his or her separation anxiety through longterm therapeutic use.

Whether your pet experiences anxiety while you’re away or at home, pupsnap’s specially designed music for dogs is an all natural way to treat your dog’s anxiety at home. If you frequently have to leave your dog alone, treating their anxiety with Chill Dog can lower overall stress levels.

Every dog is unique and may respond differently to particular pieces of music, but this treatment may be the only natural way to stop your favorite piece of furniture from becoming a new chew toy while you’re away.