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Pet Car Anxiety – Try Playing Chill Dog By PupSnap To Help Your Furry Friend Travel

Our pets easily become a treasured part of the family. They depend on us from everything from food, to gentle tummy scratches, and when they feel scared they look to us for comfort. it is not always possible to provide a soothing touch to your pet, especially when travelling on long trips.

Some dogs experience an intense discomfort when traveling. Canine anxiety is actually quite common, and dogs can experience anxiety as a result of a range of different stimuli. While many canines enjoy the coast of an automobile, others react by shivering, whining and causing a commotion that can become dangerous for the driver.

That’s why Pup Snap was developed by Chill Dog. it is a specially developed collection of music specifically designed to calm down anxious pooches who do not look forward to travelling. The music itself was recorded by a talented harpist and arranged by a Grammy award winning producer.

The album features a total of 11 tracks, and tunes like ‘Space’, ‘Big Sky, and ‘Happy’ all relay a serenely sweet melody that is organic and spirit fulfilling. The sounds will lull your pet into a peaceful sanctuary, giving you both peace of mind.

There’s been a considerable amount of research done on canine anxiety and the effect of music on animals. In 2000, the accomplished harpist Alianna Boone conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of harp therapy on ill canines. After hour long sessions of live performances from her harp, many of the animals showed signs of improvement in their heart rate, respiration and anxiety levels.

The harp does not only sooth dogs however, benefits have been shown in cows, apes, cats and many other species. Both wild and domesticated animals enjoy the tranquil sounds of the harp. Investing in Pup Snap will pay off for both you and your tense animals. Please take a look at our website to sample each track before you buy.

The Story About How Chill Dog By PupSnap Was Created

To understand how a pet CD can be enjoyable and relaxing to an animal, it helps to think of the way humans use music. For us, it is an emotional control device. Party people listen to loud music to get in an ‘up’ mood, lovers listen to violin music to feel romantic and monks use chants to create an air of sanctity. In each case, music is being used not just to express a mood, but to invite and promote it.

Science has shown that this response happens at a deep, physiological level. People listening to calming music experience a drop in blood pressure and heart rate (Chlan et al., 2000) decrease of pain perception (Nelson et al., 2008) and a drop in need for sedating medication (Nelson et al., 2008).

These interesting results in humans have led veterinary researchers to wonder whether the same results might occur in other species. Volume seven of the 2012 Journal of Veterinary Behavior carried a report by Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher and Simon titled ‘Behavioral Effects of Auditory Stimulation on Kenneled Dogs’ concerning a study in which dogs were exposed to periods of music including heavy metal and classical styles. Measuring accepted signs of canine distress such as barking and body shaking, the researchers concluded that classical music had a relaxing, emotionally calming effect on the dogs while heavy metal had the opposite effect.

This report corroborates anecdotal evidence observed by harpist Marcia Dickstein while she practiced her instrument. Every day at practice time, her dogs gathered in the room of their own accord and fell asleep. Suspecting that the dogs were responding to the music, Ms. Dickstein embarked on a project with recording producer Frederick Vogler to make Chill Dog, a relaxing pet CD for dogs experiencing anxiety from separation or unfamiliarity. It promotes calm, relaxation and pleasant drowsiness in the dog, and owners also find it very enjoyable.