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Classical Music For Dogs

Are you going on vacation? Do you work outside of your home for long hours? Any of these issues can cause your dog to feel stress and anxiety. Fortunately, Pupsnap Music was created to help your dog feel better and more at ease. We created classical music for dogs and had special help from the Grammy-award winning producer, Frederick Vogler. Our goal is to create soothing music that helps stop your pet from participating in destructive behavior.

When a dog is nervous, he or she often displays aggressive behavior by chewing on inappropriate items. For example, you may have noticed that your dog chews on shoes or furniture when you leave him home alone. Other common behaviors include nervous barking, whining, biting and escape attempts. To stop this behavior from happening, we used a professional harpist and state-of-the-art equipment to create classical music. Our music is meant to calm pets and help relieve their anxiety. You can even play the music when you are at home with your dog.

For centuries, anecdotal evidence has shown that classical music has a calming effect on pets. To prove the anecdotal evidence, Queens University in Belfast, UK conducted a study to demonstrate how classical music relaxes dogs. Fifty shelter dogs listened to Mozart and Vivaldi during the study. These dogs barked less and were more relaxed when listening to classical music. When the dogs heard pop music, talk radio or silence, they were not as relaxed.

Our goal is to help Pupsnap customers settle their pets down when no one is at home. You should not have to feel guilty about leaving for work each morning. We hope that our original harp compositions will help you and your pet feel more relaxed. Our classical music for dogs may be the exact thing you need to keep your dog from destroying your home.

Treat your dog to Classical music instead of Heavy Metal

The effect of music on your dog has been proven according to the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare. It appears that certain types of music have soothing qualities and can actually help the welfare of dogs that are in animal shelters at the same time there are other types of music that can agitate dogs and definitely should not be played around dogs in a shelter environment.

One type of music that you definitely do not want to play is that of “Heavy Metal”. When dogs listen to this type of heavy metal music they can become nervous and agitated. The effect of the heavy metal music can even make the dogs bark. A study was done by the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare and they found that all dogs regardless all breed, size, or age became very agitated.

Classical music, on the other hand, was found to calm and soothe dogs. At the Arizona Animal Welfare League they played classical music in their shelter and found that it did calm the dogs. In a study performed in Northern Ireland they found that music from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” that was used along with other classical pieces would calm the dogs to such a point many of them would lie down. It appears that using classical music when an owner is absent may help decrease separation anxiety symptoms in their pets.

Pop music does not appear to have a noticeable effect on dogs. If there is, in fact, any effect pop music has owned dogs it appears that the effect is negligible. Although research on studies have been conducted on the effective other types of music the results of not proven to have any effect on dogs.

In conclusion, then, it would appear that if you want to calm your dog and reduce any anxiety it would be beneficial to play classical music.

Soothing Harp Songs For Your Anxious Pup

Nobody likes thinking of their pet being worried or anxious when they’re not around. Leaving the house can be difficult if you know your dog’s going to be upset, stressed out and possibly damaging to your home. This is why it’s so important to invest in classical harp music for your canine. Certain kinds of music have been shown to be soothing and relaxing to dogs even in otherwise stressful situation.

How do you know that your dog is experiencing separation anxiety or is under any stress, though? Pay attention to these signs:

  •  Your dog digs or scratches at doors or windows.
  • You notice that your furniture or personal objects have been chewed.
  • Neighbors complain of whining, barking and howling when you’re not home
  • You return home only to find that your dog has defecated or urinated inside.

There are a few different ways to treat separation anxiety. Ideally, you want to create an inviting atmosphere for your dog, even when you’re not home to keep him company. One great way to do this is to leave classical harp music playing when you head out of the house. Other ways to cure separation anxiety include:

  • Ignore your dog for the first few minutes when you return home. When you do pay attention to him, pet him calmly to not excite him again.
  • Leave your dog with an article of clothing that smells like you, like an old t-shirt.
  • Say the same word to your dog every time you leave the house so that he knows you’ll be back.

In addition to creating a safe space for your dog by playing music, keep him loosely confined to one area of the house. You don’t have to pen him into the hallway, but you can close the doors to other rooms so that he has to stay in the main part of the house. Also, make sure your dog can easily access his toys when you’re out of the house.

Canine Lullabies Can Help Your Dog Relax When You Can’t Be There With Them

You love your pet, right? You’d do anything to make their life easier, better and more fulfilling? Many dog owners don?t know that the right kind of music can actually help their pup or grown dog relax! It?s not easy to treat pet anxiety, specifically separation anxiety. When you don’t know exactly how your dog is reacting to you being gone, it can be difficult to find a solution.

Sometimes, pets can be anxious or nervous. This is especially prevalent when you leave your dog at home alone. Many dogs have difficulty when separated from their owners. Other pets may get anxiety or get sick when traveling. Still other dogs don?t do well in new surroundings or during thunderstorms.

Pet anxiety can cause serious problems for your bundle of fur. To quell this anxiety, forward-thinking pet owners are putting on a custom CD for their dogs. It?s important to note that turning on the radio doesn’t have the same calming effect because there are too many fast changes in programming.

There?s a specific type of music that eases pets: classical harp music. Around the world, this type of music is used to help relieve stress in not just dogs but also cats and even chimps! The key is to find music that is soothing from start to finish. Sometimes, classical music, while beautiful, can still have too many changes to be soothing.

If you play the proper kind of music for your pet, you’ll likely notice that he’s much calmer, even during situations that would normally make him stressed out. Your dog will also bark much less, making him more bearable for neighbors and guests.

To access relaxing music that’s perfect for pets, like specialty harp music, visit PupSnap.com. It’s important to find music that’s intended for use with pets so that it provides soothing sounds.

Calming Music For Puppies

Any person whose dog has suffered from separation anxiety knows it is a difficult situation. Not only does the dog suffer but also the owner from feelings of guilt from leaving the dog alone. Many studies have been conducted on this and the one fact that has been proven over and over is that music, particularly classical music, can have a soothing effect on man’s best friend. But what kind of classical music? Mozart? Beethoven? While these may work well, the best music to make Fido forget his problems comes from harpist Marcia Dickstein.

Marcia, along with Grammy award-winning producer Frederick Vogler have collaborated to create Chill Dog, an amazing collection of improvisational harp music complimented by electronic enhancement designed to reduce stress and separation anxiety for dogs everywhere. With testimonials from one satisfied puppy parent after another, it’s clear that playing calming music for puppies can have a profound and immediate effect on their behavior.

Many owners report having both their dog and themselves relaxed by Marcia’s soothing sounds. There are many benefits for dogs listening to Marcia’s music. Its calming effects help slow the heartbeat and increase relaxation while keeping its fantastic enrichment value. The music has also been great at reducing stress for a dog not just while its owner is away but also on vet trips or when introducing a new pet into the home.

Chill Dog can also have therapeutic effects. It can help reduce a dog’s depression as well as help those recovering from an injury or surgery. Playing a dog’s favorite music during therapy sessions can go a long way toward recovery.

So if you’ve tried everything to combat your dog’s separation anxiety give Chill Dog a try. Marcia’s magical fingers on the harp strings will show that playing calming music for puppies will help both a puppy and its owner.

Music to Calm Your Dog

Any dog owner will tell you that their pets are the first ones to pick up on changes in their environment. Dogs are keen to pick up on sound, motion, temperature and even barometric pressure. A dog that is anxious or fearful will feel those stimuli to an even greater degree. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to separation anxiety as they become accustomed to a new home. How can you use music for dogs to keep them relaxed? Harpist Marcia Dickstein and engineer Frederick Vogler have collaborated to create Chill Dog for those times when your canine comrade needs to unwind.

Anecdotal evidence abounds on the benefits of classical music on dogs, but only lately has information become available about harp music specifically. Ongoing studies carried out in the United States and abroad have found that music for pets, particularly harp music has a soothing beneficial effect on dogs in distress. Why the harp and not the flute or the double bass? According to Diane Schneider, a classical musician trained at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, ‘in humans and in animals’ certain harp vibrations resonate directly with the body?s cells. Those vibrations help release tension in muscle tissue, calm anxiety, improve digestion, or induce sleep.” Pupsnap Music is specifically created to relax and soothe your dog with unique rhythms and harmonies that only the harp can produce.

Don’t think that anxious dogs are the only dogs that would benefit from Pupsnap’s Music. Any pet can use these pieces in those periods when they are not out frolicking with their humans. Increasing numbers of dog owners are finding that music for dogs tuned to the canine ear can help alleviate the environmental stresses that cause behavioral problems. As you and your dog enjoy the tones and tempos of this innovative CD, watch what happens to you both.

Classical Music Can Help Your Dog Relax

Someone has said that ?music hath charms to sooth the savage beast? and now research is showing that classical music can help your dog relax (be soothed). The dog need not be savage, let us hope it is not, but merely anxious, cranky from age and arthritis, nervous or have abandonment issues.

Pets are very dependant on us. Our moods and actions affect them and they depend on us for all their needs. If we are not there to give them food and water, let them in or out, provide companionship, exercise, a comfortable place to play and sleep, who will? Do dogs wait and worry when we are gone, wondering when we will return?

The sound of music playing when you are away may ease your dog’s nervousness and tension. Not only will it indicate that you will surely be back to turn it off, playing classical music for dogs very often has the effect of calming them. While jazz, rap or rock music may irritate or over excite a canine pet (companion), classical music soothes them.

Know your dog when choosing music to play for him or her. Dogs respond best to music that is in their frequency range and has a tempo that matches their resting heart rate. Classical music for dogs is especially helpful if the pace is slow. Try various selections to avoid boredom and to discover the most effective music for your pet.

Classical music for dogs is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, agitation and barking in animal shelters, during trips to the veterinarian (they always seem to know), and during the adjustment period after bringing a new pet into the household. Classical music for dogs can help your dog adjust to a new home after a move or to recover from an illness.

Classical music is a gift to those who hear it. Share the gift with your whole family.

Want To Help Fido Relax? Try Music!

Thousands of pet owners struggle with their pet’s anxiety. Here at Pupsnap Music, we understand that this potentially destructive behavior is heartbreaking to watch and difficult to treat. However, our calming music for pets may be part of the solution! Research has shown that music for pets with anxiety has a solid scientific basis.

Pet anxiety can have its roots in any number of sources, but its manifestations are often the same. Nervous barking, escape attempts when the owner is not home, destructive chewing and even anxious aggression are easy to become overwhelmed by. Anecdotal evidence of classical music’s calming effect on pets has been around for centuries, but it was only recently that research validated what many pet owners have known all along, music for pets with anxiety can help.

Research done at Queens University in Belfast, UK discovered that classical music had a clear relaxation effect on dogs. Observing fifty shelter dogs listening to pieces by composers like Vivaldi and Mozart, researches saw that the dogs barked significantly less and settled in to rest more frequently than dogs listening to pop music, talk radio or nothing.

Several other studies in both the UK and the US noted the same dramatic effect. Even dogs have taste in music! Pupsnap listeners can attest that our beautiful harp music will help settle your pet down whether you’re at home or at work.

Our relaxing, professional harp music was inspired by watching dogs seemingly drawn to the harp while it was played. Grammy-award winning producer Frederick Vogler has captured the essence of the harp’s sound with state-of-the-art equipment to create a full, immersive experience for your pet.

If your pet suffers from anxiety, give Pupsnap Music a try. We hope that our music for pets with anxiety proves to be the solution both you and your pet needed.

Soothing Music For Dogs

Music is a universal source of enjoyment and relaxation that is known to transcend the boundaries of class, culture and language. According to a number of recent studies, the effect of music also transcends the boundary of species. Researchers have found that a dog’s mood can actually respond to music similarly to how a person’s can. It is especially noteworthy that playing soothing music for dogs relaxes them.

Many dogs suffer from stress and anxiety caused by all of the noise that comes from living in modern society. The sounds of television, radios and cars that they’re exposed to on a daily basis can be very jarring for them. These noises are a far cry from the calm sounds of nature that their ears are attuned to. Like people, some of them also just have very tightly wound personalities. Other dogs become very anxious when left home alone. Exposing them to calmer, more relaxing sounds such as the music found on Pupsnap can be greatly beneficial to their health and temperament.

This isn’t a new concept. Traditionally, many cultures have used classical music for this very purpose. Harp music in particular has been used as a cure for all kinds of animal ailments. With this in mind, the album Chill Dog was specially created by professional harpist Marcia Dickstein and produced by Grammy Award-winning engineer Frederick Vogler for the purpose of calming your best friend. It features eleven high-quality tracks of soothing music for dogs. Some people even report that it helps to keep themselves relaxed.
In today’s society, it important to take an occasional break from all of the stress, noise and chaos that is out there. This is as true for people as it is for dogs. Here at Pupsnap, our goal is to help you and your dog on your journey to find serenity.