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  • Regina

    Your CD is great. I tried it out with my cats, and they all gathered in the same room without fighting. Two of them even fell asleep.

  • Michelle

    When I first heard of Chill Dog, I thought what a wonderful idea. My cats even seem more relaxed when listening to it while I am away. Thanks for adding more beauty to this world.

  • Chloe

    My dog Bandit LOVES your music!!!

  • Dr. Fejzo

    Our furry friend is a yip-yapping Pomeranian. The neighbors sent us web links to shock-collars to try to encourage us to calm her down and keep her quiet. Rather than doggy-torture, we decided to try a daily dose of Chill Dog. It works! Our little yapper has been converted to a calmer and quieter “chill dog” whose little soprano voice is only heard when a fire truck drives by and inspires a high-pitched howl. I’m hoping for a Chill Dog-the sequel, to work on that one!

  • Walkerville Vet

    I really like the treatment of Anxiety In Dogs Using ChillDog Music. I will definitely implement it.

  • Melinda Seable

    “At first, I was skeptical and thought that Chill Dog was a collection of lovely music that mainly made people feel better about leaving their dogs alone. I thought it would do no harm, but I was unsure that it would work. I have been playing this disc on repeat when I leave the house for over a week now, and I am very happy that my doubts were proven wrong. My dog is still very excited when I come home, but he doesn’t scratch at the door as I unlock it, and he doesn’t jump on me as soon as I hit the threshold. I actually can take two seconds to put my purse down before petting my pup! I have also noticed that the mat near my front door is not rumpled up and disturbed lately; I can only assume that he is less crazy in the foyer these days. I enjoy the music, and am now playing it in the house during the hour that the mail carrier is most likely to deliver. I recommend Chill Dog. I believe that it really does have a relaxing effect on my Charlie.”


    When I first heard about Chill Dog I thought this was a wonderful idea. And then, when I finally received a disc I was knocked out. My dog is at home with the music playing. Thank you Pupsnap!”


    Wow, I hum along with Chill Dog. Music is important to me and this is deep. It resonates my entire 135lbs. If you like relaxing, the harp is great. Please make more!”

  • Asia

    I love to chill and this cd really works. Sleeping is no problem for me, but now I have a companion. It’s a must for your music library!”