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How To Get Tour Dog To Calm Down

Pets can become anxious for many reasons. Dogs become anxious during severe storms, when left alone, during times of unusual stress such as a major move or the addition of loss of a family member, when exposed to loud noises such as fireworks and thunder or even gun fire. Whatever the reason, the results of pet anxiety can take its toll on pet and property alike. In an effort to prevent injury to pets and property damage, many pet owners go to extreme lengths to soothe their pets during times of stress.

There are many products on the market aimed at reducing or eliminating pet anxiety. In addition to prescription drugs, there are calming vests, herbs and herbal holistic therapies. Some pet owners go as far as to hire pet sitters to stay in their homes to reduce the stress on the animal. Many pet owners resist using medications, as some must be given daily. Others worry about side effects. But there is another alternative, one that does not require expensive daily medications with risky side effects. Relaxing pet music is a drug-free alternative to reducing anxiety in pets. Relaxing pet music played on harps is beneficial to both dogs and cats.

Harps are soothing to listen to and are an ideal instrument for producing relaxing pet music. The chords are soothing and the nature of the harp lends itself to calming melodic music. Harp music played in the background can help calm pets and reduce anxiety. Pets suffering from separation anxiety tend to be anxious as a result of the quiet empty house. Playing relaxing pet music adds soothing sounds to the home, helping pets relax while their owners are away. The harp music is also effective in masking loud noises such as fireworks and thunder, which helps pet owners prevent pet anxiety and the sometimes resulting property damage, giving everyone peace of mind.

Calming a Senior Dog with Chill Dog

As dogs begin to age, they become more and more attached to their owners. In addition, they may start to develop puppy arthritis, joint pain, and other medical issues that can cause severe stress in even the calmest of dogs. When their owner goes away, a once-relaxed pooch may suddenly begin destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture and shoes, marking familiar spots with urine, and barking incessantly.

If this sounds like your dog, do not despair! Using calming relaxation music, a highly agitated dog can feel more at ease and relax while their owner is away. Separation anxiety is not fun for pet or owner, and creating the right environment is crucial for keeping Fido chilled out. Enter Dog Chill ? an album created specifically to calm eager and anxious dogs of all ages. Dog Chill is a collection of special harp music that can bring peace and harmony to your home.

Played by a master of harp with years of experience and produced by a Grammy award winning producer, Dog Chill is relaxing for dog and companion alike. Played while you are out at work, this music keeps his mind occupied and his emotions at ease. When you get home from your own stressful day, hearing the sweet harp music can be a wonderful way to put your own mind at ease. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a doggy explosion, getting home from work can be a pleasant, relaxing experience with your dog.

No one wants their dog to suffer at home, and no one wants their home to be destroyed by their dog’s suffering. Dog Chill is an effective, natural way to bring true harmony to everyone in the household. Used as an alternative to sedating medication, this music is a real lifesaver. Studies have shown music’s effects on humans for many years, and now they show the same for dogs. So relax, and enjoy!

Harp Music Relieves Canine Separation Anxiety

Canine separation anxiety occurs when a dog becomes upset when he or she is separated from one?s pet parents. Dogs with separation anxiety often engage in destructive behaviors that can worry and frustrate owners. Fortunately, classical music can soothe a dog and prevent destructive behaviors.

A dog experiencing separation anxiety may urinate or defecate, howl or bark, or chew or destroy household items when he or she is left alone. However, a canine will typically not engage in these behaviors when his or her pet parents are around. Additionally, a pet with separation anxiety may become anxious when his or her guardians are getting ready to leave. Some dogs may even try to keep their owners from leaving. Others may attempt to escape after their pet parents have left.

Pet parents do not like seeing their companions suffer and want to do something to help them. Many well-meaning guardians will leave the television or radio on when they leave the house, believing some noise will help calm their pets. However, studies have indicated that the television or radio may actually create even more anxiety for pets. Researchers think this may be due to changes in programming on the television or to a mix of musical styles on radio stations.

Studies have also shown that dogs relax more and bark less when they listen to classical harp music. Pupsnap.com offers a CD of relaxing electronically enhanced harp music that pet owners can play in their absence to help relax their canines. A professional harpist worked with a Grammy award winning producer in order to create this album of music for pets.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you can help him or her by playing classical music for pets in your absence. You may want to consider getting the album, Chill Out, featuring beautiful harp music for your dog?s comfort while you?re away.

Harmony for You and Your Pets!

It’s obvious that our pets think of as kin. They seek us out for warmth and comfort in addition to yummy morsels of sustenance. Sometimes our animal brethren miss us so much that they get anxious and afraid. That’s why Pupsnap.com presents the soothing sanctuary that is Chill Dog, an album created to provide your canine with a sense of comfort.

Many dogs get antsy when we leave them for prolonged periods. This pent up anxiety can be released in destructive behavior that damages your home, or your pet could whine and howl for hours on end. Research has proven that music can have a calming effect on animals of various species, but that not all sounds are created equally.

Simply leaving on the television or radio isn’t the best means of calming a nervous pooch. In fact, the erratic nature of the sounds can actually make things worse. Chill Dog was created with the serenity of professional harpist, Marcia Dickstein. The soft and flowing tones of a harp will keep your cat or dog content and satisfied until you return home.

This album is also wonderful for car rides, as not all pets enjoy the hustle and bustle of automobiles. A particularly long journey will greatly benefit from the sweet gliding melody of the harp. Another perk of Pupsnap’s album, is that it’s great for human ears. Whether you’re working on a project that requires a clear mind, or are relaxing from a long day, this music was designed to enrich the soul; doggy and human alike.

So consider investing in a gem that will serve as a constant tool of harmony in your home. The recording was also produced by a Grammy award winner, so rest assured that this album is professional. Listen to samples such as ‘Happy’, ‘Space’, and ‘Big Sky’ at Pupsnap.com today.

How Music Can Treat Separation Anxiety In Puppies

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. However, one common reason rescue pups get returned to the shelter is for bad behaviors linked to separation anxiety. A dog exhibiting symptoms of separation anxiety may urinate in the house, chew on your things or themselves. As you get ready to leave, your dogs senses this and may begin their bad behaviors. Once you return, you find the pup waiting to greet you wildly jumping, barking, and maybe even urinating. The website at http://www.pupsnap.com is a place to gain great advice on creating a healthy and happy home for your pup.

There has been a lot of research lately that shows classical music for dogs creates a calming effect and can help curb bad behaviors resulting from separation anxiety. When dogs were exposed to classical music they laid down and relaxed, compared to heavy metal music, which caused dogs to show signs of agitation and even bark. Don’t bother to leave on the television or radio; research shows that these diversions had no effect on anxious dogs.

Rather than using sedatives for your dog, create a new routine for your departure with music. Create a safety cue before you leave the house using this calming music. PupSnap is music for dogs created by harpist Marcia Dickstein and Grammy-winning producer Frederick Vogler. Sample the sounds and observe the effects on both you and your dog. A lifetime of professional musical experience and quality engineering have gone into creating the right mood and sounds to settle your anxious dog’s nerves.

Learning good behaviors require the pup’s parent teach good behaviors. Using this music for dogs is a wholesome way to cue calm in you and your dog. Separation anxiety causes distress in your dog, and aggravation for you. PupSnap is a great tool to avoid these problems and create calm.

Ways To Relax Your Dog Without Medication

If your dog shreds the sofa, ingests your gym shoes and inspires otherwise well-meaning neighbors to leave nasty notes at your door about the incessant barking when you are away, he’s trying to tell you something: He’s stressed, and he needs your help.

Anxiety in dogs is not a myth, nor is its manifestation a simple display of bad behavior. Dogs become anxious for a variety of reasons, and when they do, they are compelled to relieve the tension any way they can. Unfortunately, most stress-reduction methods employed by an anxious dog are destructive to his owner’s home and property and sometimes even injurious to the dog himself.

If you are a baffled pet owner who wants to help his dog but prefers not to medicate him, you do have alternatives. The most effective and least invasive anxiety-reducing measures center around creating a calming environment that invites your pet to relax. There are three simple ways to do this: display a calm attitude, provide a quiet space and play our relaxing dog music available on CD specifically designed to calm him.

First, start by adjusting your own emotional response to your dog’s anxiety. Your dog considers you his pack leader and will look to you for cues on how to react to stressful situations. If you react calmly, he may too.

Next, create a safe zone that your distressed pet can retreat to when anxiety overwhelms him. Some dogs prefer the security of a crate or small space covered with a blanket when tension is high.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to help relax your anxious pet is by providing him with access to music created by Pupsnap specifically to sooth him. Our collection of original harp music produced by Frederick Vogler, a Grammy award winner, is proven to help calm dogs fast.

The distinct cadence of the harp compositions comprising our relaxing dog music CD is as pleasing to people as it is to the dogs it calms. It is a great relief to pet owners everywhere to be able to help their dogs relax naturally by playing our beautifully arranged classical harp music.

How To Calm A Hyper Active Dog

The similarities between human beings and dogs go beyond their mutual need for companionship. Dogs, just like human beings, are capable of feeling stressed especially in a kenneled environment. Dogs are social animals, they long for care and love and they feel isolated and alone when they are kenneled even for a short duration. Needless to say, there are unavoidable circumstances that necessitate keeping dos in a facility as in the case of strays and abandoned animals. Anxiety and stress can have undesirable effects on pets and they can influence the life span and the health of these animals.

One way to decrease the stress levels of sheltered dogs is through music. Auditory stimulation can be used to improve the welfare of kenneled dogs. But it is important to know the right kind of music for pets to ensure that you a positive environment can be maintained in the facility. Music can have a therapeutic effect on these animals as it can help them feel sated and satisfied, thus, decreasing their anxiety. Maintaining the well-being of shelter animals will be easier and more cost-effective when the right kind of music is played in a shelter.

Classical music can offer a lot of benefits to these animals. This is a great music for pets as it can help soothe and reduce the stress levels of dogs. This also increases the possibility of adoption for kenneled dogs as it results in well-behaved pets. PupSnap Chill Dog Music is a good example of music known to calm dogs. On the other hand, playing heavy metal music in these shelters should be absolutely avoided as it can have detrimental effects on these animals. Heavy metal music was seen to decrease the sleep time of dogs, cause them to suffer from higher stress levels leading to body shaking and barking. Similar reaction to heavy metal music has been seen from studies on human behavior as this music genre can cause tension and hostility.

A Calming Harp for Canine Stress

Canine anxiety, typically caused by stress due to separation from a master, is a proven phenomena affecting as many as 40 percent of all dogs attending animal behavior clinics in Canada, the United States and Mexico. While veterinary medication, weaning techniques and even aromatherapy can quell this stress over time, certain types of music also have proven effective at keeping dogs calmer when left alone.

Enter professional harp player and composer Marcia Dickstein. After performing for over 350 film scores, several solo albums and with her Debussy Trio chamber music group to thousands across the globe, Dickstein has turned her attention toward composing and performing music for pets. On her debut album Chill Dog aimed at easing canine anxiety, inspired by her own dog Sadie, Dickstein has lined up 11 meandering tunes to lull dogs into a peaceful slumber while their owners are away.

Dickstein isn’t merely recording music on her computer from her living room for your dog’s enjoyment, either; she’s made Chill Dog a relaxing passage of time for their humans too. Enlisting the professional services of sound engineer/producer Frederick Vogler, who’s won four Grammys for his recording work in several genres, Dickstein truly bares her creative soul for one calming flight of fanciful string work after another.

Science supports this type of anxiety reduction for pets. According to two separate studies in the United Kingdom, dogs invariably became more agitated when hard rock music was played for them and laid down and relaxed when the music was classical and soothing. Deborah Wells, lead researcher for one of the studies, maintains that since it’s ‘well-established that music can influence our moods, dogs may be as discerning as humans when it comes to music.’

An abbreviated sampling of each song is available for review at Dickstein’s website, www.pupsnap.com.

Dogs Really Do Enjoy Music! Treat Your Pup With Chill Dog By PupSnap

Pets often feel anxious or nervous and what better way is there to calm the nerves than listening to a pleasant tune? Many pet owners are not aware of the effect that music can have on the dog. Dogs feel anxious when traveling or when left alone for long periods of time, causing them to be destructive, chew on themselves, defecate in the home, vomit or hide out.

Such behavior worries you as the pet parent because you love your dog and don’t want it to be upset and stressed out. Studies have shown that leaving the TV or radio on can actually cause the animal more distress with the noise, because it does not have the same calming effect provided by music.

Harp music has actually been proven to alleviate stress and illness in all types of animals, including your dog. Pupsnap music provides a collection of soothing harp music that is performed by myself and is produced here by Grammy award winner Frederick Vogler.

Pupsnap provides soothing sounds that the entire family could enjoy. These types of music recordings have been used in animal shelters to create a serene environment for the otherwise distressed occupants. When listening to the soothing harp sounds, it has been noted that dogs will bark less and feel more relaxed.

I frequently play my soothing compositions for my own dog Sadie and truly believe in the comfort it provides. The recording of Chill Dog that we composed at Pupsnap Music is a collaboration of original harp music along with enhancement of some electronic accompaniment specifically intended in calming your dog, especially in your absence. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and most owners feel helpless in helping their pet through this and many other anxieties. Our harp music here at Pupsnap can help your dog overcome separation anxiety and help with gaining a more peaceful state of mind.

Dog Relaxation Techniques Without Having to Use Medication

Your dog can become anxious for a variety of reasons. Some dogs experience separation anxieties when they are left alone, and others become disturbed by loud outdoor noises such as sirens, fireworks or thunderstorms. No matter what is the cause of your dog?s anxiousness, you as their owner want to help them overcome their fretfulness. Consider using the following tips to calm your dog without resorting to medicating them:

Dogs and human alike enjoy relaxing music. The professionals at www.pupsnap.com have created a CD for the sole purpose of calming dogs. Produced by a Grammy award winner, this harp music will settle even the most restless dog. When your dog is having a difficult time, simply place the CD in the player, and watch as they quickly calm down.

Massages are another great way to clam an anxious dog. There are many methods to try; however, the most effective method is laying your dog on his side and petting him in slow long strokes. After the long strokes, move on to small circular movements starting at the dog?s head and moving down his body. When you first begin giving your dog massages, stick with short massages of around 2 minutes. When the dog begins to understand what the massage is all about, you can give him a longer massage. Performing the massage at a certain time of day on a daily basis is also a smart idea. Dogs will come to expect their massage at the same time each day and look forward to the experience. Once the dog becomes accustomed to massages, you can use them as a calming technique if your dog is especially agitated.

The two methods above are wonderful ways to calm your anxious dog without resorting to medication. Combine the two methods by massaging your dog while relaxing music plays in the background for an even better effect.