As dogs begin to age, they become more and more attached to their owners.

In addition, they may start to develop puppy arthritis, joint pain, and other medical issues that can cause severe stress in even the calmest of dogs. When their owner goes away, a once-relaxed pooch may suddenly begin destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture and shoes, marking familiar spots with urine, and barking incessantly.

If this sounds like your dog, do not despair! Using calming relaxation music, a highly agitated dog can feel more at ease and relax while their owner is away. Separation anxiety is not fun for pet or owner, and creating the right environment is crucial for keeping Fido chilled out.

Enter Chill Dog – an album created specifically to calm eager and anxious dogs of all ages. Chill Dog is a collection of special harp music that can bring peace and harmony to your home.

Played by a master of harp with years of experience and produced by a Grammy award winning producer, Chill Dog is relaxing for dog and companion alike. Played while you are out at work, this music keeps his mind occupied and his emotions at ease.

When you get home from your own stressful day, hearing the sweet harp music can be a wonderful way to put your own mind at ease. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a doggy explosion, getting home from work can be a pleasant, relaxing experience with your dog.

No one wants their dog to suffer at home, and no one wants their home to be destroyed by their dog’s suffering.

Chill Dog is an effective, natural way to bring true harmony to everyone in the household.

Used as an alternative to sedating medication, this music is a real lifesaver. Studies have shown music’s effects on humans for many years, and now they show the same for dogs. So relax, and enjoy!