For Pet Store Owners


People with pets are always looking for ways to keep their beloved furry friends happy and calm when they are home alone. One popular method is with “pet relaxation music”, which usually consists of collections of sounds or assorted classical pieces designed to induce tranquility in animals.

Chill Dog and Road Dog are an inventive and new idea, CDs comprised of entirely original music performed by award-winning harpist Marcia Dickstein and produced by Grammy award winning and well-renowned music producer, Frederick Vogler. They are already quickly increasing in popularity as more and more pet owners learn of it. They are also gaining popularity among people who don’t even own pets but find it relaxing to listen to themselves.

With so much interest from so many people, it would be highly beneficial for large chain pet supply retailers to carry the CDs. Many customers come to pet supply stores seeking help with their nervous pets. Some customers without pets come as well, hoping to find a solution to help a friend that has anxious pet. Considering these sources of revenue, and the numbers of people that fit into these categories, the CDs are an immensely valuable and profitable investment for any pet-related business.

On our home page, we feature sample clips from Chill Dog and Road Dog, testimonials and other important information regarding the project and the people behind it. Business owners and other retailers are encouraged to contact us if they are interested in selling the CDs at their stores.