Any person whose dog has suffered from separation anxiety knows it is a difficult situation.

Not only does the dog suffer but also the owner from feelings of guilt from leaving the dog alone. Many studies have been conducted on this and the one fact that has been proven over and over is that music, particularly classical music, can have a soothing effect on man’s best friend.

But what kind of classical music? Mozart? Beethoven? While these may work well, the best music to make Fido forget his problems comes from harpist Marcia Dickstein.

Marcia, along with Grammy award-winning producer Frederick Vogler have collaborated to create Chill Dog, an amazing collection of improvisational harp music complimented by electronic enhancement designed to reduce stress and separation anxiety for dogs everywhere. With testimonials from one satisfied puppy parent after another, it’s clear that playing calming music for puppies can have a profound and immediate effect on their behavior.

Many owners report having both their dog and themselves relaxed by Marcia’s soothing sounds.

There are many benefits for dogs listening to Marcia’s music. Its calming effects help slow the heartbeat and increase relaxation while keeping its fantastic enrichment value. The music has also been great at reducing stress for a dog not just while its owner is away but also on vet trips or when introducing a new pet into the home.

Chill Dog can also have therapeutic effects. It can help reduce a dog’s depression as well as help those recovering from an injury or surgery. Playing a dog’s favorite music during therapy sessions can go a long way toward recovery.

So if you’ve tried everything to combat your dog’s separation anxiety give Chill Dog a try. Marcia’s magical fingers on the harp strings will show that playing calming music for puppies will help both a puppy and its owner.