Dogs have been known as man’s best friend since the dawn of time, but this friendship can quickly turn to destruction if the animal suffers from separation anxiety.

Dogs with separation anxiety tend to act out whenever their owner isn’t present. While this bad behavior is merely done out of fear, pet owners often find the behavior so bad that they’re forced to seek help.

Dogs with separation anxiety exhibit several telltale signs that they’re in distress. The most common include howling, barking, whining, destructively chewing, and urinating or defecating inside the home. These symptoms are usually only seen when the animal is left alone, but may also be experienced when the dog’s primary caregiver, or pack leader, leaves the house.

Dogs with separation anxiety differ from disobedient dogs, as they only act out of fear and not poor training.

Because of this, many pet owners are forced to seek treatment for their dogs. The most common treatment is medication that is prescribed by a veterinarian. While this method can be effective, not all dogs respond the same way to medication and it can even be dangerous to give to smaller pet. Fortunately, there is now the safer and equally effective alternative of using Chill Dog.

Chill Dog consists of a carefully designed musical playlist that has been shown to calm and sooth dogs of all sizes. The music is made of reassuring harp strums that have been recorded by four time Grammy award winner, Frederick Vogler.

The theory behind Chill Dog is simple. Just as humans are more likely to feel relaxed when listening to soothing music, so are dogs. After all, dogs have remarkable hearing, so it only makes sense that they would enjoy instrumental harmony.

The harp itself is known for it’s soothing melodies, which dogs are also able to pick up on. Even pets with severe separation anxiety show immediate signs of relief once the music starts. For those who are looking for a safe and effective treatment for the disorder, Chill Dog may very well be the perfect solution.