Music is a world-wide powerful means of communication. Music therapy helps people make physical, emotional and social improvements. Plants respond to music, so it is not surprising that pets respond to music.

The music in music therapy sessions is carefully selected by the therapist. For example, the pace of the beat can be calm or exciting to a listener. The choice of vocal or instrumental music is another factor. One instrument, the harp, has a reputation extending far back in time for producing sounds that are soothing and calming.

Like with people and plants, studies reveal that dogs respond favorably to classical music. In one study, dogs in a shelter were exposed to classical music and responded within a few minutes. The dogs became calm, barked less and laid down. Visitors spent more time with them. Calmer pets are more likely to be adopted.

This is wonderful news for pet owners concerned about leaving pets home alone. Many pets experience separation anxiety and are frightened by loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Cats may hide.

Everyone wants their pets to feel safe and calm. Before leaving home, some people turn on the radio or TV in hopes that soothing music for pets will reassure the pet. This method doesn?t work and may cause more stress instead of reducing it. Radio and TV programming is not consistent. Many musical styles may be broadcast at random. Studies reveal pets do not respond well to the drastic changes in sound.

The answer lies in consistent and soothing music for pets. Throughout the world, classical harp music is in use helping cats, dogs and other animals to reduce anxiety and recover from illness.

Original harp compositions performed by a professional musician and recorded by a Grammy award winning producer are available from The music is specifically composed for our animal friends. Unlike many musical compositions, soothing music for pets is consistent from beginning to end. There are no drastic changes that cause anxiety. Pets and pet owners can both relax when they are apart.