Does your dog have a lot of anxiety? Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. Some have situational anxiety, such as trips to the doctor or car trips in general. Did you know that music has a calming effect on canines’ According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, classical music has a soothing effect on dogs who listen to it.

Different music genres have various effects on canines as they do humans.

Heavy metal can produce an agitated effect on dogs. One study conducted in an animal shelter determined that heavy metal groups like Metallica agitated the dogs and caused them to get up and bark louder. Pop music had little to no effect.

In fact, pop music had the same effect as taped conversation on the dogs.

Beethoven and Vivaldi calmed the canines. Jazz caused the dogs to become hyperactive and overly vocal. Incidentally, the study indicated that the average canine is not a fan of rap music.

Not all classical music has the same effect on dogs. The canines preferred slower and simpler songs. The slower the song, the slower the dog’s heart rate became. Playing classical music can help reduce your dog’s stress. Along with aromatherapy and exercise, pet relaxation music should be part of your dog’s health routine.

For an excellent source of pet relaxation music, go to Chill Dog is an original harp compilation by Marcia Dickstein.

Let its soothing tones transport your pet to a peaceful and loving landscape. This music is excellent on road trips or other anxiety-inducing environments. Soothe your dog while you’re away with delicate harp strings and comforting auras. Put the music on repeat when you leave the house. You can relax knowing your pet is comforted in your absence. Pick up this stress-reducer today!