Someone has said that “music hath charms to sooth the savage beast”and now research is showing that classical music can help your dog relax (be soothed). The dog need not be savage, let us hope it is not, but merely anxious, cranky from age and arthritis, nervous or have abandonment issues.

Pets are very dependent on us. Our moods and actions affect them and they depend on us for all their needs. If we are not there to give them food and water, let them in or out, provide companionship, exercise, a comfortable place to play and sleep, who will? Do dogs wait and worry when we are gone, wondering when we will return?

The sound of music playing when you are away may ease your dog’s nervousness and tension. Not only will it indicate that you will surely be back to turn it off, playing classical music for dogs very often has the effect of calming them. While jazz, rap or rock music may irritate or over excite a canine pet (companion), classical music soothes them.

Know your dog when choosing music to play for him or her. Dogs respond best to music that is in their frequency range and has a tempo that matches their resting heart rate. Classical music for dogs is especially helpful if the pace is slow. Try various selections to avoid boredom and to discover the most effective music for your pet.

Classical music for dogs is helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, agitation and barking in animal shelters, during trips to the veterinarian (they always seem to know), and during the adjustment period after bringing a new pet into the household. Classical music for dogs can help your dog adjust to a new home after a move or to recover from an illness.

Classical music is a gift to those who hear it. Share the gift with your whole family.