Are you going on vacation? Do you work outside of your home for long hours? Any of these issues can cause your dog to feel stress and anxiety. Fortunately, Pupsnap Music was created to help your dog feel better and more at ease.

We created classical music for dogs and had special help from the Grammy-award winning producer, Frederick Vogler. Our goal is to create soothing music that helps stop your pet from participating in destructive behavior.

When a dog is nervous, he or she often displays aggressive behavior by chewing on inappropriate items. For example, you may have noticed that your dog chews on shoes or furniture when you leave him home alone. Other common behaviors include nervous barking, whining, biting and escape attempts.

To stop this behavior from happening, we used a professional harpist and state-of-the-art equipment to create classical music. Our music is meant to calm pets and help relieve their anxiety. You can even play the music when you are at home with your dog.

For centuries, anecdotal evidence has shown that classical music has a calming effect on pets.

To prove the anecdotal evidence, Queens University in Belfast, UK conducted a study to demonstrate how classical music relaxes dogs. Fifty shelter dogs listened to Mozart and Vivaldi during the study. These dogs barked less and were more relaxed when listening to classical music. When the dogs heard pop music, talk radio or silence, they were not as relaxed.

Our goal is to help Pupsnap customers settle their pets down when no one is at home. You should not have to feel guilty about leaving for work each morning. We hope that our original harp compositions will help you and your pet feel more relaxed. Our classical music for dogs may be the exact thing you need to keep your dog from destroying your home.