Music has long been an integral part of the human experience. What researchers have only recently discovered, however, is how important music can be to dogs and other pets. Not only do dogs seem to enjoy certain types of music, but they also seem to be susceptible to changes in mood and anxiety.

Scientists in Ireland conducted a famous study in which dogs were exposed to both classical music and heavy metal rock music.

While listening to classical music, the dogs became calmer and relaxed. The classical music was soothing.

While listening to heavy metal, however, the dogs became noticeably anxious and agitated. The heavy metal music was distressing.

Clearly, the music changed the dogs’ moods. Calm music made for calm dogs whereas riotous music made for riotous dogs. Based on these findings, we can see that music for pets is not just a fun idea, but it is also a significant development in veterinary science.

Although people may doubt the sophistication of a dog’s music taste, dogs understand the concept of pitch instinctively. When dogs join together to howl, each dog chooses a different pitch. Howling sounds bothersome to humans, but dogs apparently enjoy the sound. Perhaps surprisingly, the closest thing that humans have to howling is choral singing.

People find that Pupsnap is calming for their pets, but it also calms the pets’ owners. The best way to choose music for pets is to listen to the music yourself. If music causes you to be nervous, it will probably do the same thing for your pets.

If music causes you to be relaxed, your dogs will probably enjoy the music. Unlike humans, dogs do not seem to tire of their music. Some people play Pupsnap several times over each day, and their dogs always react in a positive way. As simple as it is, music for pets is worth a try.