Dogs that engage in destructive behavior or who bark long enough to annoy the neighbors when you are away from home may be suffering from canine separation anxiety. Some dogs get nervous when you leave the alone; they do things that they would never do when you are home such as making a mess inside or scratching at doors and windows.

Your dog isn’t punishing you for leaving; he or she is just upset and does not know how to calm down naturally.

Try leaving a pile of dirty laundry for your pet to sleep on; your scent will help him or her relax. Playing music also helps, but leaving a radio on all day usually is not a good idea. The blaring commercials and abrupt changes in music styles may do more harm than good. Dogs, like all animals, prefer classical music.’s Music is specially designed music to sooth and comfort your best friend while you are away. It is also very relaxing to play while you and your dog enjoy some quiet time together.

Canine separation anxiety is a panic response. It is important not to punish your dog for destroying the blinds because they needed to look at the window to see if you were coming back yet. Dogs simply cannot understand why you left them. Putting your dog in a crate will not help. While it may stop the messes, your dog will still be suffering anxiety.

Even getting another dog for company will not help; your dog misses you, not canine companionship. You may end up with two dogs that are anxious, not just one.

Giving your dog a way to calm him or herself down, by snuggling in clothes with your scent and listening to Pupsnap’s soothing harp music is the best thing you can do for your dog while you are away from home.