Many people feel as if animals are naturally happy creatures that are never bothered by negative human emotions such as anxiety, loneliness or general unhappiness, but that is not the case.

Dog anxiety is common among canines who are frequently left alone for long periods of time, and some dogs even develop anxiety when their human friends are only gone for a little while. If you are wondering if your furry friend is experiencing dog anxiety, you should look for telltale signs that he or she may need some assistance in controlling this frightening emotion.

If your dog seems overly clingy when it knows that you are going to be leaving soon, it is highly possible that it’s suffering from dog anxiety.

Another sign that strongly points to anxiety is excessive chewing while you are gone. If your dog has grown out of its teeth stage and is still chewing things up, you may want to consider ways of helping your dog to overcome its feelings of anxiety.

An excellent way to create a calming atmosphere for your dog while it is home alone is through the use of music. Dogs naturally respond to music because even though they don’t live the lives of wild wolves, they are not very far removed from their wolf ancestors. If you have ever heard a wolf pack howling in the night, then you are already aware that canines make music as a way of communicating with one another.

Because dogs are highly social creatures, music will give it a sense that it isn’t alone when you have to be absent from the home.

Just using any music, however, is not recommended, since dogs may find some forms of music to be jarring and even threatening. The professional harp music available from does an excellent job of soothing anxious dogs by touching the instincts of the wild wolf that lies at the core of them all.