During one of their surveys, the Humane Society concluded that approximately 78.2 million dogs have US owners.

Regardless of how many people live in a single household, that still adds up to a lot of dogs left home alone out of necessity. We all have jobs to attend to or errands to run, so we leave our pups home alone, hoping they’ll be just fine in our absence. Often, they are not.

Studies have shown that soothing music is a wonderful and effective dog relaxation technique. Does your pup suffer from separation anxiety or maybe you have a chronic barker as a best friend?

Some dogs become destructive when they are left home alone and they get bored, but even without displaying behavioral issues when left alone, our pets still get bored when we’re not home. The fact that soothing music was proven to be such an effective dog relaxation technique was the catalyst for the creation of this very special album called ‘Chill Dog’.

I am a professional harpist and play all of the originally music, designed for dogs, which was used to create this CD by an award-winning producer. Throughout the ages, the Harp has been used as a healing instrument and I have personally witnessed the effects of my music on humans and pets alike.

You don’t have to wait to leave the house to use this CD and you don’t have to play it only for your dog.

Go ahead, find a comfortable spot to recline or sit in, close your eyes and with your dog on your lap or by your feet and you can both enjoy a ‘moment to exhale’ and shed the worries of the day, even if just for a few moments. Introduce your dog to a calmer, more fulfilled way of pup life with the help of this wonderful CD, designed as a dog relaxation technique.