Pets often feel anxious or nervous and what better way is there to calm the nerves than listening to a pleasant tune? Many pet owners are not aware of the effect that music can have on the dog. Dogs feel anxious when traveling or when left alone for long periods of time, causing them to be destructive, chew on themselves, defecate in the home, vomit or hide out.

Such behavior worries you as the pet parent because you love your dog and don’t want it to be upset and stressed out. Studies have shown that leaving the TV or radio on can actually cause the animal more distress with the noise, because it does not have the same calming effect provided by music.

Harp music has actually been proven to alleviate stress and illness in all types of animals, including your dog. Pupsnap music provides a collection of soothing harp music that is performed by myself and is produced here by Grammy award winner Frederick Vogler.

Pupsnap provides soothing sounds that the entire family could enjoy. These types of music recordings have been used in animal shelters to create a serene environment for the otherwise distressed occupants. When listening to the soothing harp sounds, it has been noted that dogs will bark less and feel more relaxed.

I frequently play my soothing compositions for my own dog Sadie and truly believe in the comfort it provides. The recording of Chill Dog that we composed at Pupsnap Music is a collaboration of original harp music along with enhancement of some electronic accompaniment specifically intended in calming your dog, especially in your absence. Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and most owners feel helpless in helping their pet through this and many other anxieties. Our harp music here at Pupsnap can help your dog overcome separation anxiety and help with gaining a more peaceful state of mind.