It’s obvious that our pets think of as kin. They seek us out for warmth and comfort in addition to yummy morsels of sustenance. Sometimes our animal brethren miss us so much that they get anxious and afraid. That’s why Pupsnap.com presents the soothing sanctuary that is Chill Dog, an album created to provide your canine with a sense of comfort.

Many dogs get antsy when we leave them for prolonged periods. This pent up anxiety can be released in destructive behavior that damages your home, or your pet could whine and howl for hours on end. Research has proven that music can have a calming effect on animals of various species, but that not all sounds are created equally.

Simply leaving on the television or radio isn’t the best means of calming a nervous pooch. In fact, the erratic nature of the sounds can actually make things worse. Chill Dog was created with the serenity of professional harpist, Marcia Dickstein. The soft and flowing tones of a harp will keep your cat or dog content and satisfied until you return home.

This album is also wonderful for car rides, as not all pets enjoy the hustle and bustle of automobiles. A particularly long journey will greatly benefit from the sweet gliding melody of the harp. Another perk of Pupsnap’s album, is that it’s great for human ears. Whether you’re working on a project that requires a clear mind, or are relaxing from a long day, this music was designed to enrich the soul; doggy and human alike.

So consider investing in a gem that will serve as a constant tool of harmony in your home. The recording was also produced by a Grammy award winner, so rest assured that this album is professional. Listen to samples such as ‘Happy’, ‘Space’, and ‘Big Sky’ at Pupsnap.com today.