Canine separation anxiety occurs when a dog becomes upset when he or she is separated from one?s pet parents. Dogs with separation anxiety often engage in destructive behaviors that can worry and frustrate owners. Fortunately, classical music can soothe a dog and prevent destructive behaviors.

A dog experiencing separation anxiety may urinate or defecate, howl or bark, or chew or destroy household items when he or she is left alone.

However, a canine will typically not engage in these behaviors when his or her pet parents are around. Additionally, a pet with separation anxiety may become anxious when his or her guardians are getting ready to leave. Some dogs may even try to keep their owners from leaving. Others may attempt to escape after their pet parents have left.

Pet parents do not like seeing their companions suffer and want to do something to help them.

Many well-meaning guardians will leave the television or radio on when they leave the house, believing some noise will help calm their pets. However, studies have indicated that the television or radio may actually create even more anxiety for pets. Researchers think this may be due to changes in programming on the television or to a mix of musical styles on radio stations.

Studies have also shown that dogs relax more and bark less when they listen to classical harp music.

Pupsnap.com offers a CD of relaxing electronically enhanced harp music that pet owners can play in their absence to help relax their canines. A professional harpist worked with a Grammy award winning producer in order to create this album of music for pets.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, you can help him or her by playing classical music for pets in your absence. You may want to consider getting the album, Chill Dog, featuring beautiful harp music for your dog’s comfort while you’re away.