Separation anxiety in pets is a very common issue, especially with dogs. Unfortunately, most humans aren’t able to quit their job and stay at home with their pets no matter how much they’d like to.

While this is understandable, it can also be problematic as dogs with separation anxiety tend to act out when left alone.

Ripping items, breaking furniture, howling loudly, even destroying walls is all possible when these stressed pups are left alone. It used to be that the only solution to this problem was to medicate the dog, but thanks to Chill Dog Music, this no longer has to be the case.

Chill Dog Music is a series of instrumental sound tracks that have been designed to help animals relax. The inspiration for the CD came from came from Marcia Dickstein, a skilled harp player, when she noticed that not only did her dog find the music relaxing, but so did her student’s pets as well.

While there haven’t been many studies on the type of music dogs enjoy listening to, Chill Dog Music consists of songs played on the harp.

The harp is known as a healing instrument for humans and is commonly used in hospitals for music therapy. Studies on humans have shown that the instrument helps to ease discomfort while also aiding in healing. Since dogs share many human-like qualities, it’s not hard to see why Chill Dog Music would help ease the fear of separation anxiety in pets.

Using Chill Dog Music is a safe and natural way to help relax animals when humans must leave. Not only does the music relax the animals, but it also allows the owners to rest easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about expensive medication just so their dog doesn’t get into trouble.

Instead, all the owner has to do is place the CD on repeat while they’re out of the home. Once they return, they’ll find a much more relaxed pet waiting for them.