A recent study by the ASPCA suggests that certain kinds of classical music can help dogs relax.

Soft music with simple harmonies and low octaves has been shown to soothe a dog’s heart rate and reduce its likelihood of barking. Pupsnap music follows the precise pattern needed to make dogs feel calmer and more at ease, and it’s appealing enough for human audiences to listen to it as well.

There are several ways that relaxing music can be used to calm your pet:

  • Play it while you’re at work to help keep your dog company and reduce the incidence of separation anxiety.
  • Play it during stressful times, such as the Fourth of July or thunderstorms, when dogs are often extremely uneasy.
  • Play it in the car on the way to the vet’s office to reduce the stress of the journey.
  • Play it before bedtime to signal your pet that it’s time to go to sleep, or play it during the night to soothe anxious dogs and prevent them from waking you.
  • Use it as background music at your dog kennel or animal shelter to help keep the animals calm and reduce barking.

Unlike many other similar products produced for dogs, Pupsnap music is artistically crafted and pleasing to the human ear.

It will have a calming effect on all listeners, human and canine alike, and the simple melodies are both powerful and catchy.

Produced by Grammy award-winning Frederick Vogler, this soothing harp music is performed by Marcia Dickstein. Marcia is a professional musician with experience with chamber in music and film scores, and she brings both her passion and skill to every recording for your pet.

Whether you need something to keep your dog company while you’re working or want something soothing on hand to get you through the night, Pupsnap music will certainly bring more harmony to your home.