If you have ever left your dog alone for an extended period, you know the toll it can take on them. Dogs respond to stress. Luckily for the dog owner, they also respond to music. Research in an animal shelter indicates dogs have similar tastes in music as humans.

They also have similar reactions. Although heavy metal produced a stress response, classical music calmed the dogs.

Although Metallica caused the dogs to stand up and bark louder, Britney Spears produced no appreciable response. They responded to pop music the same as they did to a tape of humans conversing. Vivaldi and Beethoven produced calming effects. Classical is the perfect genre of music for dogs with anxiety.

Science proves that dogs have an excellent sense of pitch. In their own howling choruses, they change pitch so no two are howling the same tune. They will also do this when howling along with humans. Howling is a form of communication. Because dogs often treat music as if it was howling, music may also represent communication for them.

Music helps with anxiety. Think about how helpful this will be next time you go away.

You can leave some classical music on to soothe your dog while he or she waits for your return. If your dog has a lot of anxiety during long car trips, perhaps playing some classical music will help.

Pupsnap is a website dedicated to music for your dogs. Marcia Dickstein specializes in beautiful harp music for dogs with anxiety. Inspired by her own dog, Sadie, Marcia creates music that feels bigger than life.

Along with audio producer and engineer Frederick Vogler, she makes beautiful music born of her life experiences and creative muses. Music designed to soothe your dog?s senses is an excellent investment for every dog owner.