The similarities between human beings and dogs go beyond their mutual need for companionship. Dogs, just like human beings, are capable of feeling stressed especially in a kenneled environment.

Dogs are social animals, they long for care and love and they feel isolated and alone when they are kenneled even for a short duration. Needless to say, there are unavoidable circumstances that necessitate keeping dos in a facility as in the case of strays and abandoned animals.

Anxiety and stress can have undesirable effects on pets and they can influence the life span and the health of these animals.

One way to decrease the stress levels of sheltered dogs is through music. Auditory stimulation can be used to improve the welfare of kenneled dogs. But it is important to know the right kind of music for pets to ensure that you a positive environment can be maintained in the facility. Music can have a therapeutic effect on these animals as it can help them feel sated and satisfied, thus, decreasing their anxiety.

Maintaining the well-being of shelter animals will be easier and more cost-effective when the right kind of music is played in a shelter.

Classical music can offer a lot of benefits to these animals. This is a great music for pets as it can help soothe and reduce the stress levels of dogs. This also increases the possibility of adoption for kenneled dogs as it results in well-behaved pets.

PupSnap Chill Dog Music is a good example of music known to calm dogs.

On the other hand, playing heavy metal music in these shelters should be absolutely avoided as it can have detrimental effects on these animals. Heavy metal music was seen to decrease the sleep time of dogs, cause them to suffer from higher stress levels leading to body shaking and barking. Similar reaction to heavy metal music has been seen from studies on human behavior as this music genre can cause tension and hostility.