Pets can become anxious for many reasons. Dogs become anxious during severe storms, when left alone, during times of unusual stress such as a major move or the addition of loss of a family member, when exposed to loud noises such as fireworks and thunder or even gun fire.

Whatever the reason, the results of pet anxiety can take its toll on pet and property alike. In an effort to prevent injury to pets and property damage, many pet owners go to extreme lengths to soothe their pets during times of stress.

There are many products on the market aimed at reducing or eliminating pet anxiety.

In addition to prescription drugs, there are calming vests, herbs and herbal holistic therapies. Some pet owners go as far as to hire pet sitters to stay in their homes to reduce the stress on the animal.

Many pet owners resist using medications, as some must be given daily. Others worry about side effects. But there is another alternative, one that does not require expensive daily medications with risky side effects. Relaxing pet music is a drug-free alternative to reducing anxiety in pets. Relaxing pet music played on harps is beneficial to both dogs and cats.

Harps are soothing to listen to and are an ideal instrument for producing relaxing pet music.

The chords are soothing and the nature of the harp lends itself to calming melodic music. Harp music played in the background can help calm pets and reduce anxiety. Pets suffering from separation anxiety tend to be anxious as a result of the quiet empty house.

Playing relaxing pet music adds soothing sounds to the home, helping pets relax while their owners are away.

The harp music is also effective in masking loud noises such as fireworks and thunder, which helps pet owners prevent pet anxiety and the sometimes resulting property damage, giving everyone peace of mind.