Do you have a dog that is out of control? Does your new puppy seem to whine and bark at the most inopportune times? Are you looking for a real solution to what many might identify as anxiety in your furry loved one?

If you are looking for one of the best ways to calm down the dog that you love, then try our soothing, relaxing CD designed especially for canines! Pupsnap music for dogs features winning harpist Marcia Dickstein, who has created beautiful songs especially for dogs who are showing signs of anxiety and withdrawal.

When you put on this unique CD, you will heart beautiful, serene songs as Marcia expertly and eloquently plays her harp. You will feel like she is in the room with you and your dog.

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The CD features a wide range of songs to fit different moods of your pup. For example, Marcia has written songs such as ‘Chill,’ in order to calm a hyper dog, ‘Big Sky,’ for a pet that needs inspiration and rejuvenation, ‘Happy,’ for a dog that is feeling a little down, and ‘Bone,’ a joyful song that will pep up your dog who is feeling under the weather.

Just try out Pupsnap harp music CDs and see the change in your lovable canine.

Stop spending tons of money on training for your dog or behavioral lessons. Instead, calm down your beloved pet with a little peaceful music. It will go a long way in helping to sustain the overall mental health of your adorable pup. No matter whether you are cooking in the kitchen or playing games with the family, you can occupy your dogs attention with this delightful music collection!