We, as humans, are social creatures. We crave interaction, group camaraderie, and social outings. We adore attending barbecues and dinner parties, meetings and fairs.

People love being with people and, that being said, people typically do not enjoy being away from others for very long. It comes as no surprise that man’s best friend, the loyal dog, craves this same interaction—and suffers when deprived of it. One way to ease separation induced stress and anxiety is to play calming music for your dog.

For many people, music is the gateway to the soul. To listen and soak in music can inspire great deeds, bring calm in times of turmoil, and inspire love and affection.

Music helps people get through even the toughest times. This is the same for your dog. For instance, dogs at a no kill shelter in the U.K. spent statistically overwhelming stretches of time relaxed when they were played classical music. This is one of the worst places our canine friends can find themselves, yet music soothed them.

A recent study by Deborah Wells showed that fifty dogs became calm and lied down when exposed to classical masterpieces such as Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons and Grieg’s Morning. However, music such as Metallica did not have the same positive results, and actually led to agitation and barking. Being home alone may not be like listening to thrash music to us but, to our pups’ hyper sensitive ears, every disparate sound is a dissonant melody of cracks, creaks, and hums.

By playing calming dog music for your distressed pup, you are helping them stay at ease and enjoy their time away from you– as opposed to listening to every wall creak and car that drives by. There is a way to help your pup feel secure when you are away; Pupsnap can help your pet, and you, rest easy when you’re apart.