Any dog owner will tell you that their pets are the first ones to pick up on changes in their environment. Dogs are keen to pick up on sound, motion, temperature and even barometric pressure. A dog that is anxious or fearful will feel those stimuli to an even greater degree. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to separation anxiety as they become accustomed to a new home.

How can you use music for dogs to keep them relaxed?

Harpist Marcia Dickstein and engineer Frederick Vogler have collaborated to create Chill Dog for those times when your canine comrade needs to unwind.

Anecdotal evidence abounds on the benefits of classical music on dogs, but only lately has information become available about harp music specifically. Ongoing studies carried out in the United States and abroad have found that music for pets, particularly harp music has a soothing beneficial effect on dogs in distress.

Why the harp and not the flute or the double bass?

According to Diane Schneider, a classical musician trained at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, ‘in humans and in animals’ certain harp vibrations resonate directly with the body’s cells. Those vibrations help release tension in muscle tissue, calm anxiety, improve digestion, or induce sleep.

Pupsnap Music is specifically created to relax and soothe your dog with unique rhythms and harmonies that only the harp can produce.

Don’t think that anxious dogs are the only dogs that would benefit from Pupsnap’s Music.

Any pet can use these pieces in those periods when they are not out frolicking with their humans. Increasing numbers of dog owners are finding that music for dogs tuned to the canine ear can help alleviate the environmental stresses that cause behavioral problems.

As you and your dog enjoy the tones and tempos of this innovative CD, watch what happens to you both.