Your best friend leads, as they say, a dog’s life. The most comfy part of the couch is reserved for his personal use, his toy box is filled with every variety of rawhide chew known to man and his favorite kibble magically appears in his bowl each day precisely at 6 o’clock. You unfailingly see to his every need, so why does he seem so nervous when you must leave him alone for a while?

Some breeds are genetically predisposed to nervousness, and some dogs react to changes in their households, sudden thunderous noises, trauma or illness with heightened anxiety. One of the most common reasons dogs exhibit nervous behavior, however, is due to dog separation anxiety.

Because they are social animals, dogs need to be part of a “pack” to feel secure, and they readily accept their human friends as pack members. When you leave your dog alone to go to work or run an errand, his distress is real; he’s been separated from his pack. Early symptoms of dog separation anxiety include drooling, pacing and whining. Without intervention, symptoms often worsen into behaviors that are destructive to home and property, and that may even threaten the physical well-being of the dog himself.

Although there are medications available that can lessen the effects of anxiety in dogs, many pet owners are reluctant to use them. If you are looking for a natural way to effectively relieve your dog’s nervousness, Pupsnap can help.

You can calm your nervous dog with our classical harp music. Produced by Grammy award winner Frederick Voglerur, our improvisational harp compositions naturally and safely soothe dogs who suffer from intense anxiety when their owners can not be home with them.

The cadence and vibrational tone of Chill Dog, composed at Pupsnap Music, relieves your dog’s stress and helps him become deeply relaxed. Proven to reduce the symptoms of dog separation anxiety, classical harp music is indeed a viable way to alleviate nervousness in your faithful friend.