Has your beloved canine friend begun to act destructively by chewing and scratching your favorite chair or whining and barking excessively as you leave the house each day? Do you come home to little presents strategically left in the middle of the room for you to step in? Your dog may be exhibiting the distressful symptoms of dog separation anxiety.

This disorder can manifest in a number of common behaviors. For example, your dog may get excited as he sees his pack members getting ready to leave, and the quiet whining that you hear as you walk out the door may soon evolve into full-on howling and barking that you won’t hear, but your neighbors certainly will.

Your dog’s posture may also indicate separation-anxiety stress. Anxious dogs may pace, twitch and crouch, and they may also pant for a prolonged period of time, licking their lips or drooling abnormally.

Many anxious dogs become destructive when left home by themselves. You may find that your dog has chewed the table legs, scratched at the doors or windows, knocked over priceless family heirlooms and may even have had tried his paws at becoming an escape artist. This behavior is dangerous and can cause self-injury such as damaged nails and broken teeth.

Anxiety-ridden dogs may begin to defecate and urinate inside the home while you are away. If this behavior is due to anxiety, defecating in the home will only happen when you are away.

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