Depending on the temperament of your family dog, you’ve probably witnessed your pet exhibit symptoms of anxiety and stress at some point in time.

The severity of these reactions can vary with the age, breed and environment of the dog, but the collaborative efforts of can help soothe your savage beast naturally with music specifically designed to help your dog relax.

Through the musical efforts of a professional harpist and a Grammy Award winning producer, delivers a dog anxiety treatment with the Chill Dog music collection. The tracks feature beautifully flowing harp scores combined with electronic audio enhancements proven to help alleviate anxiety in dogs.

Dogs experience anxiety and stress for numerous reasons, but separation from their owners is one of the leading causes. Dogs with anxiety issues exhibit symptoms during exposure to unfamiliar surroundings of all kinds, but especially when their pack becomes separated.

If you’ve witnessed reactions such as howling, barking or destructive behavior when you leave your dog home alone, it’s due to their instinctual response to being away from what they consider to be their pack. While it’s nice for pet owners to know that their dog loves and misses them, it’s no picnic for the dog when they feel like they’ve been left behind by their pack.

The Chill Dog collection from was designed based on proven scientific research regarding dog reactions to sounds. The musical pieces in Chill Dog provide soothing and relaxing sounds for your pet while you’re away from home. The scores can be used as an immediate dog anxiety treatment, but they can also help train your dog to overcome his or her separation anxiety through longterm therapeutic use.

Whether your pet experiences anxiety while you’re away or at home, pupsnap’s specially designed music for dogs is an all natural way to treat your dog’s anxiety at home. If you frequently have to leave your dog alone, treating their anxiety with Chill Dog can lower overall stress levels.

Every dog is unique and may respond differently to particular pieces of music, but this treatment may be the only natural way to stop your favorite piece of furniture from becoming a new chew toy while you’re away.