If your dog shreds the sofa, ingests your gym shoes and inspires otherwise well-meaning neighbors to leave nasty notes at your door about the incessant barking when you are away, he’s trying to tell you something: He’s stressed, and he needs your help.

Anxiety in dogs is not a myth, nor is its manifestation a simple display of bad behavior. Dogs become anxious for a variety of reasons, and when they do, they are compelled to relieve the tension any way they can. Unfortunately, most stress-reduction methods employed by an anxious dog are destructive to his owner’s home and property and sometimes even injurious to the dog himself.

If you are a baffled pet owner who wants to help his dog but prefers not to medicate him, you do have alternatives. The most effective and least invasive anxiety-reducing measures center around creating a calming environment that invites your pet to relax. There are three simple ways to do this: display a calm attitude, provide a quiet space and play our relaxing dog music available on CD specifically designed to calm him.

First, start by adjusting your own emotional response to your dog’s anxiety. Your dog considers you his pack leader and will look to you for cues on how to react to stressful situations. If you react calmly, he may too.

Next, create a safe zone that your distressed pet can retreat to when anxiety overwhelms him. Some dogs prefer the security of a crate or small space covered with a blanket when tension is high.

Finally, one of the most effective ways to help relax your anxious pet is by providing him with access to music created by Pupsnap specifically to sooth him. Our collection of original harp music produced by Frederick Vogler, a Grammy award winner, is proven to help calm dogs fast.

The distinct cadence of the harp compositions comprising our relaxing dog music CD is as pleasing to people as it is to the dogs it calms. It is a great relief to pet owners everywhere to be able to help their dogs relax naturally by playing our beautifully arranged classical harp music.