Does your dog have a preference for Mozart or Linkin Park?

Thanks to a study conducted by Teikyo University of Science’s Department of Animal Science, you can wonder no more. The University spent more than 18 months trying to determine what Fido likes best and has finally discovered the answer, classical music. But not just any classical music.

Classical music with just the right ambient sounds mixed in, such as dogs barking, crows crowing and humans talking will do very nicely.

Apparently dogs have an affinity for the music to be played by either a piano or a harp over other instruments and while the ambient sound overlays are nice, they aren’t required for your dog to relax.

The University study showed that dogs seem to have the same physiological response to classical music that humans do, elongating brainwaves, lowering blood pressure, and slowing heart rate and respiration, all signs that classical music is the ticket to having a chill dog.

This research goes a long way to helping veterinarians understand the stress response in dogs and how to treat it without the use of sedating drugs that can have serious side effects. Separation anxiety is common in many dogs and the behaviors exhibited by dogs suffering from this affliction can be quite costly.

However, by popping the perfect mix-tape into your CD player and setting the playback control to repeat, you can effectively soothe your dog and reduce his anxiety all day long, thus protecting both your dog and your house from damage. This is a much more effective method that leaving the TV or radio on all day or using drugs that may harm your dog’s health or simply rob him of his quality of life.

So, if you are interested in taking the edge off your dog, try playing a Chill Dog CD for a few minutes.