If you have ever had to leave your dog alone, you have probably come face to face with those guilt-inducing “don’t leave me, puppy dog-eyes” from your dog as you are going out the door. Let’s face it; leaving your dog alone is just doggone hard, especially if your dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or displays destructive behavior while you are gone.

Some people leave the lights and the television on in an effort to help relieve their dog’s anxiety.

However, studies show that this type of relaxation is actually not helpful, and can even be harmful to the dog.

Many people even go to the extreme of giving their pet medications, which sedate the pet but may leave it lethargic even after you have returned home or the thunderstorm is over. Furthermore, do you really want to give your pet a drug that even you would not want to take? None of these methods to calm your pet are truly safe pet relaxation techniques. So, what can you do?

Welcome to www.pupsnap.com, a website that offers real pet relaxation techniques. This site offers a CD full of beautifully performed harp music, produced by a Grammy Award-winning producer for the purpose of soothing a pet’s soul. This CD can be used at home or played in the car for helping an animal’s angst during travel time or going to the groomers or the veterinarian. It is an aid for stress reduction, separation anxiety, injury recovery, storms, and destructive and aggressive behavior.

In fact, the BioAcoustic Research & Development project reports that simple arrangements and a slower tempo with a harp had the most soothing effect on animals with 70% of pet anxiety behaviors reduced. Music is known to bring serenity to people as well. Help yourself and your pet by picking up this incredible CD now!