Many pet owners find themselves astounded by the negative reaction of their precious pooches when they pick up the keys and head for the door.

Separation anxiety is a growing issue that affects millions of dogs across the globe. When a dog suffers from this phenomenon, he or she may exhibit behaviors like excessive barking, urination and defection in the home and destruction of property. Not only is this upsetting for the pet owner, but separation anxiety can have long lasting repercussions for a pet.

Instead of panicking when faced with a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, pet owners can work to help their pets overcome this debilitating disorder. Prescription medications and herbal therapies can offer some relief, though many pet owners are reluctant to pay for these expensive treatments. Doggy daycare can also be an option, although this activity is often equally expensive.

In recent years, many dog trainers and professional associations have begun to recommend the use of calming music to combat a dog’s anxiety and fear. According to a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, classical music has been found to have a great effect on the behavior of frightened animals.

The study confirms the opinions of several prominent professionals in the dog world.

Harp music is particularly calming and peaceful, which is why so many pet owners have found it to be a useful resource in addressing their dog’s fear. The music creates ambient noise that can help a pet to feel less alone in the home, in turn causing the desire to express fear to subside.

Not only does the use of such training tools help to teach dogs how to spend time alone at home, but it can also provide pet owners with peace of mind when leaving their precious pooches behind.