Just the same as intense bouts of anxiety can be detrimental to human health, animals can suffer a great deal from stressful situations.

New people, unfamiliar places, long hours left alone, and even irregular noise can lead to pet stress, all predicaments which can sometimes unfortunately be unavoidable.

Many resort to the risky usage of medications to soothe their animals or go through a number of creative attempts at solutions that could possibly worsen the situation. Luckily, research has long been on the lookout for an effective resolution, and it has found it in the form of music.

Music is known among people to have unique influence on emotion and mood.

Variations in music accordingly affect the sort of impression left on us. Likewise, sound and voice can have tremendous effect on canines, and calming dog music has its own recipe for success. Shelters and rescue agencies have begun to take advantage of musical medicine, using it as a form of therapy for frightened or traumatized animals.

Such experience has shown that dogs are more at ease when exposed to classical music, particularly the work of Bach. Overall, they seem to become more relaxed in the presence of fewer instruments and simpler melodies.

Harp music in particular provides for this type of soothing atmosphere. When left alone, dogs often become anxious in the quiet solitude of their home. The simplistic ringing of a harp melody serves as a tranquil track to fill the silence. Conversely, it can be used to mask equally unnerving loud noises, such as thunder.

Reducing stress in pets by implementing a method as basic as calming dog music can not only preserve canine health, but also better the relationship between dog and owner. Misbehavior, such as wrecking furniture, can often be a result of such unease in pets. Eliminating stress, then, can also eliminate the resulting points of tension within households.