Your dog can become anxious for a variety of reasons. Some dogs experience separation anxieties when they are left alone, and others become disturbed by loud outdoor noises such as sirens, fireworks or thunderstorms. No matter what is the cause of your dog’s anxiousness, you as their owner want to help them overcome their fretfulness. Consider using the following tips to calm your dog without resorting to medicating them:

Dogs and human alike enjoy relaxing music. The professionals at have created a CD for the sole purpose of calming dogs. Produced by a Grammy award winner, this harp music will settle even the most restless dog. When your dog is having a difficult time, simply place the CD in the player, and watch as they quickly calm down.

Massages are another great way to clam an anxious dog. There are many methods to try; however, the most effective method is laying your dog on his side and petting him in slow long strokes. After the long strokes, move on to small circular movements starting at the dog?s head and moving down his body. When you first begin giving your dog massages, stick with short massages of around 2 minutes.

When the dog begins to understand what the massage is all about, you can give him a longer massage. Performing the massage at a certain time of day on a daily basis is also a smart idea. Dogs will come to expect their massage at the same time each day and look forward to the experience. Once the dog becomes accustomed to massages, you can use them as a calming technique if your dog is especially agitated.

The two methods above are wonderful ways to calm your anxious dog without resorting to medication. Combine the two methods by massaging your dog while relaxing music plays in the background for an even better effect.