The effect of music on your dog has been proven according to the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare. It appears that certain types of music have soothing qualities and can actually help the welfare of dogs that are in animal shelters at the same time there are other types of music that can agitate dogs and definitely should not be played around dogs in a shelter environment.

One type of music that you definitely do not want to play is that of “Heavy Metal”. When dogs listen to this type of heavy metal music they can become nervous and agitated. The effect of the heavy metal music can even make the dogs bark. A study was done by the Universities Federation of Animal Welfare and they found that all dogs regardless all breed, size, or age became very agitated.

Classical music, on the other hand, was found to calm and soothe dogs. At the Arizona Animal Welfare League they played classical music in their shelter and found that it did calm the dogs. In a study performed in Northern Ireland they found that music from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” that was used along with other classical pieces would calm the dogs to such a point many of them would lie down. It appears that using classical music when an owner is absent may help decrease separation anxiety symptoms in their pets.

Pop music does not appear to have a noticeable effect on dogs. If there is, in fact, any effect pop music has owned dogs it appears that the effect is negligible. Although research on studies have been conducted on the effective other types of music the results of not proven to have any effect on dogs.

In conclusion, then, it would appear that if you want to calm your dog and reduce any anxiety it would be beneficial to play classical music.